Quilt Square Scrapbook Layout–Memory Makers 1996

 Memory Makers

Speaking of Memory Makers (last post), I was just in Half-Price books today and what do you know?  They had a big display table full of books on scrapbooking.  I looked down and saw myself! I had a layout published in this book years ago and didn’t even think the book was still in print!  Since I have nothing new to put up tonight, I’m just going to post the pics of this “quilted” layout I did way back when scrapbooking was just becoming the rage. 

Memory Makers 4

 Boy, was it a walk down memory lane seeing this book in the store today.  It reminded me of how poor the quality of my pics were when my oldest was little.  Technology sure has come a long way in my short life.  Back then the focus was on the importance of preserving your photos in an “acid-free” album, not on taking pictures that were worth preserving!

Memory Makers 2

Memory Makers 3

Memory Makers 5

As is the case with most craft publishing, I don’t make a dime on these re-prints, but it’s still cool that it’s around after all these years!

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  1. The funniest thing happened a couple of months ago. I was purusing our library craft section, and picked up the book mentioned in this post. As I was flipping through it, I realized that some of the people looked quite familiar. It took it a while to register that it was y’all! I’m pretty sure I ran over to my mom telling her what I had stumbled upon in a very loud voice! =)

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