Dessert Photo Challenge

Here’s my entry for the “I Heart Faces” dessert photo challenge.  

I took a few pics of my pie after I made it for the dessert recipe entry last week.  I had fun dressing up my little mannequin as a waiter :)  I tried to use strong window light to make the strawberry filling really shine, though it might have been too much light on the mannequin.  I’m never sure what to do in these types of situations…when the light is great for one thing in the shot but not for another?  Maybe some photographers out there with more experience can give me some tips!

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  1. I would probably set your light meter for the pie and under-expose the mannequin. Then bump up the exposure in post-processing.

    Cute idea! Very creative.

  2. Very interesting composition! I love how you incorporated that mannequin!

  3. Kathy Clay

    That is cute, keep trying.

  4. Thats so creative! I LOVE it! Looks yummy too :)

  5. kellie

    love the photo and the pie looks yummy!

  6. Margaret

    So cute, and what a creative idea! Love the mannequin! :)

  7. Hehe… what a cute idea!

  8. THIS is a GREAT shot!!! as an artist, I LOVE the use of the model…lol

  9. I think its very cool! I couldn’t do anything like this, looks perfect to me!

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