“Victorian House 101″ Mixed-Media Piece for Somerset Studio

This was my first submission to get published in Somerset Studio.  I lost count of how many rejections came before this. A LOT.  If you’re submitting artwork to a publication these days, be patient and keep on trying!

The lid comes off and the insert pulls out.  There are three panels decorated with a different Victorian houses on both sides. Each house features a specific architectural detail specific to Victorian houses, and the date they came into fashion.

The gingerbread panel features a tab that lifts up to reveal another house.  The architecture is highlighted on these prints with Prismacolor pencils.

Oh, how I love big front porches!

Also in the box are these little “extras”.  One is a tag featuring a labeled illustration- “Victorian House School”. The other is a small envelope, with another house picture, and a description of how elaborately decorated Victorian houses were.

Another architectural detail on the back of the tag…

I hope you enjoyed taking a closer look!

10 thoughts on ““Victorian House 101″ Mixed-Media Piece for Somerset Studio

  1. It is gorgeous; Yes, I am sending stuff in. I just sent 6 items for the Peat Pot
    challenge. Keeping my fingers crossed~
    Thanks for sharing, your beautiful work, so much detail!

    1. @Ellen Awesome! I hope your stuff gets chosen! I always want to try more challenges but I always wait too late and miss the deadlines. ;D

    1. @Annmaree Thanks so much!! This is actually an old post that I finally redid. It was published in the first mag. you see on the right (brown one) a while back. The old one had photos that were very small and out of focus–I had just started blogging and really didn’t know what I was doing! haha! I thought this thing deserved new photos and a new post. :) Thanks again!

    1. @Missy–thanks so much! You are probably the only one who remembers it from the first time! Sorry to re-post but it looked so bad!haha!

  2. Wow, it’s gorgeous. I love Sumerset Studio (and Apprentice too) and I can see how this belongs in its pages.

    I dream of one day having something good enough to submit to one of the stampington magazines. For now, I’ll just keep practicing.

    Have a lovely day.

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