I Saw No Window…

 Today’s post for the letter “I” is a line from Robert Frost’s poem “Good Hours”.

I borrow lines from poems and illustrate them in my sketchbook.

Often, my drawings have nothing to do with what the poem is really about.  I just love the words.

I love the feeling the words create.

Sometimes it’s only one line.

Sometimes it’s only one phrase.

I pick lines from poems like flowers from a garden.

 Only the ones that stir my heart are taken.

“I saw no window but that was black.”

10 thoughts on “I Saw No Window…

  1. That’s a wonderful sketch; Frost is always great for inspiration.

    And having seen some of your previous posts as well, my thoughts are with you and your family in this trying time.

  2. Thinking of you and your little boy today.

    To follow your lead: “a bird with an angelic gift” (from Robert Frost’s looking for a sunset bird in winter)

  3. I am truely sorry to be reading what has been going on for you and your dear family. I hope you find the strength to get trhough this rough time.

    I actually came here to see if you had been ahving any blog problems due to this Blogging A-Z Challenge. I had since dropped out because I am having numerous spam and commenting issues with people all coming from that challenge site!
    I will never take part in the challenge again, its truely disheartened me :-(

    1. Oh no!! Annmaree I did not know this was happening! I’m coming over to visit and give you my apology!

  4. Its not your fault about the A-Z thing, it only just hit me today when the girl giving awards to everyone linked to A-Z and linked to everyone over there, and it just clicked that they all have come from there!

    The ‘home’ blog are aware but seem to think that its a isolotated incident with my blog and that it would of happened without their link up, but I doubt it now I see this is happening for you.

    I’m just not in a good place now to deal with these things or silly people, and obviously you aren’t either. Hope they leave us alone now.

    All the best to you and your family, thinking of you. xoxo.

  5. “I pick lines from poems like flowers from a garden.”

    That’s the most beautiful thing I’ve read in a long time.

    You turn lines from a pencil into shapes that seem like they could move, when no one is watching. I understand that it’s art, but to me, it looks like magic.

    1. @Joe

      Thanks so much! Your comments are such an encouragement.
      I think my words and art get better the more I read and view
      the outstanding work of others, like you.

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