Cards Using Kid’s Paint Palettes

 The paper palettes left behind after my kids paint are incredible. I never throw them away.

Colors swirl and mix, leaving textures and patterns I couldn’t have made intentionally.

Their old palette papers made beautiful cards. 

I used my circle and butterfly punches and then added words clipped from newspapers.

And this last card was made using the scraps from the scraps! 

 And it’s my favorite.

For me, art is medicine. 

It makes me feel better, so this is my new tag line.

These cards will be for sale in my new Etsy shop for Cockayne Syndrome as soon as I can list them.  I made envelopes out of recycled newsprint for them so they’re very ‘green’.

Click here to shop for cards.

10 thoughts on “Cards Using Kid’s Paint Palettes

  1. Scarlett,
    I love these! You are so right! Sometimes the best stuff is accidental!
    You inspire me. God bless your day!

  2. Wow ! I love these ! My favorite carry all type bag was made from a drop cloth in a dress shop ! Great idea. Art is medicine – ABSOLUTELY !!!!
    If I ever borrow that line I will quote you !
    Much Love,

    1. Hey Jeana, I have a feeling someone has used that line before but it really did come to me while I was making the cards, so, if it’a tag line on another blog somewhere…too bad! haha! The bag sound very cool-would love to see that! ~Scarlett

  3. This are stunning and art is medicine; it saves our souls~ I love these, you should send a few into the Create magazine or Greencraft…I love recycled crafts~ You are such a crafty Mom! xXx

  4. Beautiful! I love what it inspires in you!!
    I just bought a ton of spray paint! So I am anxious to spray some old furniture:) and garden planters this weekend…
    Spray paint party!


    1. That sounds fun, Kay Ellen~ Thanks so much for stopping by. I’ll be onthe lookout for your spray paint masterpieces! :)

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