Caterpillar Card Inspired by Eric Carle

We have at least a dozen Eric Carle books around our house, if not more. We read them over and over and over…

  We’ve actually had to replace our copy of The Very Hungry Caterpillar a time or two after it’s been read to pieces!

This card was inspired by the little green worm who just can’t get enough to eat. 

The caterpillar was made from thick wired twine, which I then bent like a caterpillar and covered with green floral tape.

The words are pieced together from book text to form the familiar phrase. The lined paper is from a vintage notepad I picked up at the antique mall.

Can you guess what the leaves and strawberries are made from?

In the world of paper making, they’re called angel wings.   They have an awesome texture, perfect for the leafy border and berries.

Assorted trims were added to finish it off and then I made a coordinating envelope with the scraps.

Hope you like this fun card inspired by one of my favorite children’s book authors.  You can purchase this card and other unique hand-made items on my Etsy shop!

*** All proceeds from my shop are sent to Dr. Edward Neilan and his team at Children’s Hospital, Boston, where they are working on a treatment for Cockayne Syndrome.




3 thoughts on “Caterpillar Card Inspired by Eric Carle

  1. That’s a family favorite over here as well. :) Love your card! And just to add to the serendipity…I got a Pottery Barn kids catalog in yesterday’s mail that has a new line of Eric Carle linens, wall-hangings, etc. Might have to put those up for the grandkids! 😉 I’m deep in the throes of school planning, but when I come up for air, I hope to get some more stuff made for you. So glad that Baby K has had a good week!

  2. @Susan–so glad you liked it! You know it sold in less than an hour! I need to make more. I saw the stuff in the PB catalog, it’s all so cute..I was thinking J. needed some of those sheets!! Have a great week! ~Scarlett

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