Happy Sweet Sixteen

Here she was at 2 and a half.

She had had brain surgery at 18 months to remove a large tumor in the back of her brain, and began chemotherapy treatments for 2 additional tumors on her spine around the same time.

Her diagnosis was ‘medulloblastoma’ , a childhood brain cancer that has a nasty way of spreading to other parts of the body and causing an early death.  They told us back then she had a 50 percent chance of surviving to the age of 5.

We celebrate tomorrow as she turns 16!!

There  are no words to describe how I feel when I look at her photos from those ‘treatment days.”   I cry with relief as I reflect how close we came to losing her.  I cry with happiness at how beautiful and healthy she is now.  What a blessing it is to have a happy ending!
Happy Sweet Sixteen, Madelaine!!! We love you!!

17 thoughts on “Happy Sweet Sixteen

  1. Thanks for sharing these, Scarlett! I’m thanking God with tears in my eyes…she’s so precious. Love from the Tranthams :)

  2. She is beautiful, so touching is her story! She is a true survivor~ I can’t imagine what all of you went through, but I look at these beautiful photos and see how wonderful she is here to celebrate! She is a miracle filled with wonder and grace! Happy Birthday to Madelaine~ I love the 3rd photo of her, you captured her essence in that one~

  3. Wow Madelaine, I am so happy and grateful to see the beautiful young woman that you have become over the years. Grateful for the young woman and grateful for years!! We are all so blessed to have you in our lives, and will cherish the years to come and what amazing things you will do then. Happy Birthday Sweetheart, from your very proud Great Uncle and Aunt!! Love you so much, hope you have a very special day!! Love Great Aunt Mel…hugs and kisses!!

  4. Oh yes these photos are fantastic, stupendous, beautiful!!! Beautiful subject and wonderful photography…mom!!

  5. What a poised, gorgeous, intelligent young lady she is! I hope she has a wonderful birthday! She is so lucky to have you as a mom and be so loved! Hugs to all of you!

  6. Words cannot describe the love and pride I feel in my heart for my first granddaughter. You have brought such joy and laughter into our lives. You have also taught me much about prayer and faith in times we needed it most. Happy birthday sweet girl. Love, Grami

  7. Yes, what a happy day !!!! We love you all so much. Seems like the girls were just 4 yr. olds at First Foundations. Praise the Lord for allowing our paths to merge so many years ago !

  8. @Melissa –Thank you dear friend, you have been a blessing to me for almost 20 years. It’s a comfort to have old friends who know your past. Love you!

    @Ella –Thank you so much for the compliment on the photo–I really did try to take some shots that were ‘her’–I appreciate you saying that and yes, miracle indeed!

    @Melanie –Thanks Aunt Melanie and Uncle Richard, we love you guys and hope we can see you all again soon! Glad you liked the photos, too! Love, Scarlett

    @Floy –Oh Floy, isn’t is awesome to have such a great story? We are the lucky ones for sure!
    @Kathy– You found my blog! haha! Life is unimaginable without my sweet Maddie! I’ll share your comment with her– love you guys and see ya soon!

    @Jeana –It really does seem like yesterday. I still remember you on the porch of the preschool holding baby L. in his carseat! So so happy we found you , too! Love ya’ll!!!

  9. oh wouawwwwwww…your story is so sad and so happy at the same…I am impress by the beauty of your daughter at 2 and at 16…she is MAGNIFIQUE…so nice, she become a wonderfull young woman…
    I answer to your question about having a translater on my blog…I always translate my messages from french to english on each post…i don’t understand that you can’t read in english…( I probably make a lot of mistakes, but I think the essentiel is okay.) tell me if you are able to read it below the photos…thanks…to come and see me xxx

  10. Hi Scarlett .. that is just wonderful .. I am so pleased for the whole family today – and am sure you’ve had a very happy few days and will have a wonderful weekend ..

    No wonder the light shines out of her eyes, and her photographer mother just needs to take exemplary photos of her beautiful daughter ..

    Happy happy days .. and many many more to come .. just great to share a tiny bit with you .. thank you .. Hilary

  11. @Liette –Thank you so much for your sweet words about my big girl! It is a happy story and I will share your kind comments with her. Regarding your blog, yes, I saw the english part below the photos but I could only make out bits and parts..I dont think I understood it all or got the whole story, if that makes sense. On a side note, my daughter is learning French and is going to try and see if she can read some of the French section. :) She loves French and is fixing to start French III.

  12. @Hilary — i wish I was better at telling stories with words, but i seem to do better with pictures. I so admire the way you can weave people and events together in story form. Thanks for stopping by, yes, we’re having a wonderful time rejoicing, happy days. :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend as well!

  13. Texas in the summer – HOT!! Having a mom with a camera that knows how to use it – WONDERFUL!! Knowing MADDIE – PRICELESS!! Don’t usually comment, but today I could not resist. Beautiful, Beautiful soul through and through. Happy, Happy birthday to you. Have a great time at your swimming party. LOVE BY THE BOAT LOAD FLOATING YOUR WAY – “Grand” Aunt Julie and “Grand” Uncle Dennis

  14. @Brenda –You are so sweet, Brenda, and I’m glad you got to see M’s photos of when she was little. Tell everyone hello, and it was great to see you last night! :)

    @Susan –Thanks! I’ll pass it on to her! :)

    @Julie –It’s about time you commented! haha! You’ve been a stalker-heehee. Glad you liked the pics, it was fun to take them, love you both and I’ll pass on your sweet words to Miss Sixteen! :)

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