Chalk Board Tablecloth and Chalk Ink Markers

What do you get when you take one chalkboard tablecloth and some Chalk Ink Markers?

A really cool way to decorate your craft table for Autumn!

We often work on arts and crafts projects together at this little table. My young artist claims the larger half.

Welcome Fall!

(I bought our chalkboard tablecloth from FreckledSage, and Michael’s craft stores sell Chalk Ink markers.)

27 thoughts on “Chalk Board Tablecloth and Chalk Ink Markers

  1. What a great idea! But you are too late, Scarlett! My kids are grown and grandchildren are into their ipods and ipads. You are a great resource for
    other moms out there and any mother with young children would have many ideas just by reading your blog. I would have loved to have had this resource when the kids were home.

    1. @Susan –Thanks, Susan!! Nope, you don’t need a cover, they don’t smear and there’s no dust at all. The designs can be removed with a wet-wipe and you’re ready to draw again! So fun! Thanks again for stopping by!

  2. How darned sweet is this! I have some of the fabric and some markers – just waiting for some inspiration. Well off to my daughter who regularly does art with the little ones….

  3. Oh my goodness..pure joy…I am in love with this idea! I must see if I can find one of these tablecloths..Ooodles of thanks for sharing..your artwork is amazing! xoxox.

  4. @Monica –Thank you!! Happy Fall to you as well! Have a wonderful week!

    @Ruth –Isn’t it fun? The vendor that I linked at the bottom sells tablecloths already made, but it you can sew then you can make one much cheaper buying the fabric yourself. Thanks so much!

    @dee –Thanks, Dee! Yes, maybe a little late for your kiddos but I bet if you got your hands on some of these markers you’d have a blast! You can layer and blend for a painterly effect and the colors really pop on the black cloth! This is how they make those amazing chalk signs in whole foods, if you’ve ever seen them. Thanks so much for coming over and I’ll see you tomorrow!

    @Hilary –Hi there, hope you are well and having a good Sunday! Glad you liked the chalk drawing! It’s the most fun item we’ve found in a while!

  5. @Sandi –That’s great, glad you have the stuff already! And glad this inspired you! It was really fun and it’s so easy to clear off with a wet wipe and create something new….definitely have to use the markers again for Christmas time! Thanks again!

    @koralee –So glad you liked it! This was one of those things where I was asking myself, “Why haven’t I done this before?” It was really fun! Have a blessed Sunday and thanks for visiting. :)

  6. Your art is vibrant and beautiful! I just bought chalk board paint, I have an idea…I’ll share later ;D
    How fun; I have a huge chalk board in my kitchen. Hubby built it a few years ago, when we saw it in the Pottery Barn catalog. What a wonderful idea; thank you for sharing! I wondered how they made those bright colors…. 😀

  7. I am amazed! Scarlett, you are so creative. I would love to come over and soak in all the lovely ideas you have.

    By the way . . . it was great to see Sveva this morning. We miss all of your wonderful family!

  8. @Ella –Cool! Can’t wait to see your idea! I also have a chalkboard…it’s in my entry way. The original oil painting got ruined in a move so I just turned it into a chalkboard! Your huge one your hubby made sounds awesome!

    @Anna –Thanks for stopping by, I corrected the link in the article to go to your web site, didn’t know you had one! Have a great week!

    @just4crafters –Yep, isn’t that cool? This way we can enjoy it for a little while without kids rubbing it off! :)

    @Vicki –They really don’t. I bought a set of primary colors and white first, to see if they really worked…and they worked so well I already went out and got the “Earthy” set, too, with autumn colors. Warning though, they make you want to turn every surface into a chalkboard! :)

    @Sandra –Hi there! Long time, no see! She enjoyed being there and seeing everyone. Thanks so much for commenting, hope you all are doing well!

  9. Ok Scarlett, this is what YOU get with chalkbooard fabric and chalk markers! I would get something………….else. :/ This is so pretty!”

  10. Oh my website doesn’t have a shopping cart so it’s easiest to get a chalk tablecloth at my shop on shop name is freckledsage. I have round chalk fabric tablecloths, square and rectangular chalk fabric tablecloths for sale. The square and rectangular have gingham bias trim.

    Check it out at

  11. Wow! Love this!
    I was thinking of getting a chalkboard tablecloth for everyday use to protect my dining table from my 2 little ones. How well does this hold up against spills & stains & cleaning? Does the back of the tablecloth scratch the table at all? Thanks in advance!
    Beautiful use of the chalk markers!

    1. Hi Mae, the tablecloth is a lot of fun. The back does not scratch but I have had some residual marks from the markers that are hard to remove. My kids don’t really mind. It’s important to ‘prime’ it with soft chalk all over first, though, before you write on it. The soft chalks wipe off easily after that. We used it for my daughter’s birthday party..I wrote the schedule of games and activities on it and all the girls doodled on it as they arrived, it was fun! Thanks for stopping by!

      1. Thank you! I just discovered your blog & love that you are a mom that lives art WITH kids! An inspiration for this momma who’s given that stuff up once I had my 2 little girls. Thanks for sharing!

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