Knox turns 15 months

My little angel, Knox, turned 15 months last week.

Yep, his hair is still as crazy as ever!

We celebrated by driving to Morgan’s Wonderland in San Antonio.

While we were there, we had the opportunity to meet an adorable little girl named Grace.

Aren’t they sweet?

They aren’t related, but they look alike, of course.

Currently, Knox and Grace are the only children in Texas with the most severe form of Cockayne Syndrome.

We had a great time getting to know Grace and her family.  Grace and Knox were able to enjoy lots of wonderful things, thanks to Morgan’s Wonderland and the incredible job they’ve done creating a park “where everyone can play”.

Happy 15 months Knox, we love you precious baby!

6 thoughts on “Knox turns 15 months

  1. Congrats to Knox on his 15 month celebration! What a wonderful encouragement for you to have arranged a meeting with this other family and their precious one. Thanks so much for allowing your friends to share a “peek” into this special occasion.

  2. It is so important to celebrate every milestone! Happy 15 months to Knox, you and your family! I am so happy your and Grace’s family could connect; how old is Grace? It is so important to reach out and share~ What an extraordinary place to meet and share your stories! xo

  3. Hi Scarlett .. that is fantastic .. and you’ve been loving his everyone of those incredible 15 months .. I am so happy you were able to meet up with Grace’s parents and family and generally have a get together, a day out .. for the kids to enjoy the park .. I’m so pleased for you. Love the photos .. and the news – lots of love and hugs – Hilary

  4. It is so wonderful that you met and connected with Grace and her family! I hope it was a fun experience for all – looks like a wonderful place and those are some beautiful babies! xoxo

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