Stamping With Celery

Have you ever stamped with celery?

It’s an old trick, but in case you’ve never tried it,  carefully cut off the stalks from a bunch of celery and you are left with a pretty rose stamp.


Celery roses make pretty stationery.

I stamped on vintage notebook paper and added hand-drawn stems and leaves.

I made some simple cards using the celery roses and some 7 Gypsies paper tape.


A small pocket scrapbook page of my daughter drawing roses…

I went ahead and used the other end of the stalk, too.

Sketch a simple shape or design on the bottom and carve it out with a knife.

I used different colored Distressing Inks to create multicolored images.

These might work nicely on some hand-made Valentine’s.


We’re having some visitors tomorrow so we won’t have Super Art Friday, but I’ll be posting a string pumpkin activity we tried recently….boy did I learn a thing or two about glue!

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17 thoughts on “Stamping With Celery

  1. We used to do that as kids. Everytime I cut up celery I wish my grandkids were here so I could show them. I’ve never used the opposite end as you did for the heart. That came out cute as well. We used to use potatoes too by cutting out shapes. Love the card you made! Fun post. Connie

  2. Haven’t done celery stamping! But what a fun one to try out with the grands! As always Scarlett you have turned the simple into the devine :) Happy Day!

  3. I love celery roses, so beautiful~ Your cards are lovely; your photos amazing!
    Thanks for sharing this time honored craft…so fun to show your children what one can do with what one has on hand! Love it~ @>——-

  4. Wow! This is amazing! I had no clue one could do this. I’ll have to give it a try. I appreciate you letting us know about it. I love the projects you created with this technique.

  5. Oh my goodness I knew there must be a good reason for the existence of celery and here it is!! haha!! I don’t like to eat it but it will be on my shopping list this week! Great inspiration – thank you.
    ps – love the music today!

  6. Hi Scarlett .. we used potatoes .. and I suspect didn’t have celery in those days .. it’s a wonderfully different idea – and such fun seeing the shapes and pictures you created. Enjoy your guests .. and looking forward to seeing the pumpkin strings!! Cheers Hilary

  7. Oh my gosh, you are SO clever! I LOVE this – and adore the vintage feel you achieved with the older paper and deep red ink – they’re just beautiful! xo

  8. @Annmaree –Thank you! I’m glad you liked it! Seems silly with all the rubber stamps I have but it was really fun! lol :)

    @Connie –Yeah, we need to try the potatos, too! Thanks for reminding me about that, and thanks for stopping by!

    @Vicki –Thank you, I didn’t show much of the page because I might do a post on the album later, lol, didn’t want to show the whole page ! Thanks so much for your sweet comments, Vicki!

    @NatashaMay –I remember potatos, too, but had forgotten about that. Gotta do that again! There’s a stamp carving challenge right now for ‘Cloth, Paper, Scissors’ and you can make your stamp out of anything! You are so artistic, I bet you could come up with something fantastic!

    @Sandi –Let me know if you give it a try! Thanks for visiting Sandi, have a great weekend!

    @Ella –You are so kind, I love simple things like this, too. Thank you for your kind comments!

    @MotherKitty –Yay, I’m so glad there was someone who hadn’t seen it before! Thanks you for your kind words and I hope you’ll come again!

    @Lesley –LOL, I was thinking at the store… what else can I stamp with? :) Thanks so much!

    @Elisabeth –Thank you, I’m trying to start getting Christmas card sets made for gifts, it’ll be here before you know it! Thanks again for your kind comment!

    @The Golden Eagle –If you ever need a break from writing, I strongly recommend stamping…lol, It’s very relaxing! :) Thanks for stopping by!

    @Hilary –I appreciate it, thought it was a fun thing to try, but now I’m really wanting to try some potatos! :) Thanks, Hilary!

    @Kristin –Gotta love those Distressing Inks…can even make celery stamping have that vintage feel! Love those inks! Thanks so much, Kristin, I am always grateful for your enouragement!

  9. @Daniele –Hi there, you are very kind, I’m glad you liked my stamp from the supermarket! :) I appreciate your kinds words so much, glad you stopped by!

  10. wow I love these, you are so talented and creative! I missed so many wonderful things on your blog. I always love seeing all your unique creations. xo

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