Marbled Paper Owl Collages

The scraps of paper left over  from my kid’s  autumn trees were so cool, I had to do something with them.

I cut out some owl designs and made three collages.


Love the texture of the paint!


The long pieces are scraps left over from the leaves we cut out for the last post.

This is a photo of the paint tray itself (with all the swirly paint still in it) layered over the collage.


I’ve never been great at writing poetry, but I wish I was.




I’m not ready for the autumn season to be over yet! My favorite time of the year always flies by so fast.

I”m going to do my best to enjoy this last autumn-y weekend before the Christmas season officially begins.

Have a wonderful weekend!



25 thoughts on “Marbled Paper Owl Collages

  1. Oh how sweet are those owls? Love them. The texture is really neat. I admit I was so busy this week, the kids and I totally forgot to do this project – with the leaves. But we will. Tomorrow a new Children’s Library is opening, and we have brunch with the Church group but I will make time! The kids are excited about it too – always asking when we’re going to do the “leaf” project!

    Love your owls – and you have your own poem Scarlett – the precious ones you can see and touch right there with you. The ones who captured your heart on the day they were each born – Those are your poetic masterpieces. I know my 3 are the greatest poem I could ever write. Happy weekend! xo

    1. @Sherri –Oooooh my goodness, Sherri. Your comment really blessed my heart today. Thank you a thousand times for your sweet words, yes, yes, I agree, you are so good to remind me of these truths.
      Blessings to you this week,

  2. You are such an inspiration. Beautiful Beautiful use of leftovers, and with a little tale to tell. Oh, I adore the owl movement, ha…that’s what I call it, and this is just making me so happy. I would love to purchase one, or a copy if you were to sell!

    1. @Danielle –I love that, ‘owl movement’, can I use that, too? :) But seriously, I loved owls before this whole thing, didn’t you? Thanks so much for your comment, I’m glad you liked them. I’m fixing to add some things to my Etsy shop for CS research and these collages may be included. I’ll post when I list them, thanks so much for your interest! Have a blessed week!


  3. There should be a drawer for old scraps of painted papers, because you never know when you will have the inspiration to create a beautiful collage. It looks like you already have such a drawer because your papers provided the perfect collage elements for your owls. Love it!!

  4. Wow, I can’t tell you how much I love this! The combination of images, colors and words are stunning. Poetry pours out of you in all your creations! xo

  5. How magical are your owls! I always love art made from scraps~ You are a visual poet ;D I love owls; I heard one in my back yard last night~ Autumn is my favorite season, too. I’m always spellbound by it’s beauty and the magic of it’s mood! 😀

  6. Your creativity always inspires me! I love how you used the leftovers from the kids’ pictures. Owls are one of my favorites and I love how your pictures came out!!! ~Sophia

  7. I love these owls so much, but im wondering what the pattern is that you used to create these beautiful creatures because im really interested in creating some as well!:)

    1. Hi Minna, I didn’t have a pattern for these particular owls. I drew them freehand and cut them out. Sometimes I’ll take a pattern I find online for projects and sometimes I trace a photo from a book (then I know I’m not violating anyone’s copyright) I’m glad you like them, thanks so much for stopping by and thank you for the kind words! Have a great day ~Scarlett

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