Jewelry Pouch with Felt Birds

This was my favorite Christmas present: A lovely seed pearl necklace with silver charms.   It was given to me by my husband’s mother and I love it so much.

I love layering it with other necklaces, but more than that, it’s extra special to me because it represents my babies and I, all together.

I read a mother’s comment recently about the phrase “losing a child”.  She explained that children who pass away are not ‘lost’, they just go on ahead of us.   I like that way of thinking about it.

Come what may, I will always have four children.   Barring a miracle, Knox will go to heaven ahead of us, but he won’t be ‘lost’.

I wanted to make a special place for this necklace when I’m not wearing it so I began to scour the house for something to recycle.

I found a cloth diaper that had been used as one of Knox’s burp cloths in the kitchen.  Perfect!

The colors are simple and sweet.

I made some little birds out of blue felt, one for me and one for each of my children.




I sewed the birds into the nest and added a bow, and then embroidered the number 4.



Velcro was sewn onto the inside of the back flap along with some extra stitching and another bow.

I like bows, if you can’t tell.

This jewelry pouch is the perfect place for my new necklace.


Have a great week! Thanks for coming over and taking a look!

22 thoughts on “Jewelry Pouch with Felt Birds

  1. Awesome! A good friend gave me a silver necklace with hammered silver initials for each of my children and me. I never take it off, because the jingle around my neck (which sounds like dog tags) constantly focuses me on what’s most important and reminds me that I’m needed. I, too, have a seed pearl necklace that I love – but I never thought of putting charms on it. I love the way that looks!! And layering…. Now to the lovely pouch, which has given me an idea for a project I didn’t know how to approach. Inspirational, on so many levels! Love and hugs to you, Scarlett!

  2. This is the sweetest , most beautiful pouch, Scarlett. I love it that Kathy gave it to you and I love the way you portrayed your sweet babies. Thanks for posting this.

  3. Beautiful, but the sentiment to me is priceless~ It is a treasure that needed a lovely home. YOU made it so special, what a wonderful gift~ I’m touched! xo

  4. How beautiful…I love it! I love the birds and what they represent. And when my babies were babies – I used cloth diapers for burp cloths too. I think everyone I KNEW who had babies after me got a package of those because I loved them so much. What a funny memory! I had dozens of them. But to think of making a jewelry pouch…you are brilliant.

    I am always inspired by your creativity! I love that you treasure the small things in life and create something beautiful with your hands, like the sweet pouch – with such meaning. I get it, I really do.

    Take care dear friend! Hugs to Knox and family…xo

  5. See..!! Magic – that’s just what I said too! Remember? 😉 Your creations really are magical! And the music fit so well with it!
    It is a lovely neckless! Such a sweet gift! And that pouch: Mama bird and her babys! It is wonderful!:)

  6. This is so sweet! I love this idea; the materials are amazing as you bring it all together so beautifully. And I like how you hand wrote over your photo too. ~s

  7. My dear friend…..what a deeply moving post exposing the very depths of your soul through your art. I love you, Scarlett, and continue to pray that God heals you deeply through the arts. You are a rare and precious gem!

  8. Your pouch turned out so sweet, what a perfect way to store your special necklace when you aren’t wearing it! Love the babies in the nest… adorable!

  9. I thought I made a comment earlier today, but it is not here? Maybe I forgot to “post” it. Oh, well!
    But anyway: Your art really is like magic! Yes, I said it before!
    Love this mama birdie and her babies too. It is such a sweet idéa! And the neckless is such a lovely present! :)
    And by the way: I too believe firmly that “they just go on ahead of us”…! What a comfort! :)

  10. Wow! You are amazing with your art and I love the pouch idea for keeping the necklace safe . I LOVE it also on so many levels as I was designing it for you .

  11. This is so incredible and touching. My heart stopped a minute as I digested this beautiful nest you made for you necklace and Knox.

    Your photos, the music, and just you touch me deep inside. I am so happy I get to know you here.


  12. Amazing… I love the queen bird and the little birdies on the nest. Your small details always make the finished product that much better. You truly are a wonder, so creative.

    And I couldn’t agree more with what that woman said about children passing before their parents. I think that goes for any beloved one, in fact. We don’t lose them, they’re still in our hearts, in our memories, until we meet again.

    Happy new year to you dearest Scarlett. I hope it brings you many joys.

  13. Hi Scarlett … what a brilliant present from your mother in law – so clever and thoughtful .. and then she must be chuffed to see the care with which you’ve created and sewn the little pouch. Wonderful to see – love it .. Hilary

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