Published in Somerset Studio, March 2012

Surprised and delighted to have a piece of my mixed-media artwork featured in the new Somerset Studio.

I originally made a mixed-media piece titled “Dancer in White” back in September of last year.  I enjoyed showing the process photos of how it all came together.

I didn’t have any plans for it until my encouraging friend, Ellen, suggested I add a quote to it and submit it for the quote challenge.  Thanks, Ellen!

Here was the original:

Before I mailed it in, I cleaned up the background, added a castle, and added a quote.  Then I stuck on lots of diamonds.

Here’s what the ‘spiffed up’ piece looked like:

This was a welcome treat to come home to, especially after we’d had such a rough time in the hospital.

I can’t wait to sit down and look through it, there are always so many incredible artists and techniques showcased in this magazine. And check out the cool artist papers included in this issue! I love these!

Hope you’re having a great week so far~

We’re happy to be home, of course…Knox now has an ear infection and blisters have now moved to his hands but, overall, things are better and he’s begun to drink and eat a little on his own.

There’s no place like home.

32 thoughts on “Published in Somerset Studio, March 2012

  1. Congratulations on being published. Love the “Dancer In White.” I just discovered you yesterday and I sat and read your entire blog, moved by your words, your art, your emotions. I am keeping Knox and your entire family in my thoughts and prayers. I am blessed to have found your talent and blog. Congrats, again on the Summerset Studio gig. :)

    1. @Danesa –Hi there! Thanks so much for stopping by, I appreciate your visit and your kind words a lot, especially for my angel, Knox..Happy weekend to you and yours and I hope you’ll come again ~Scarlett

  2. How fabulous for you, Scarlett! It’s wonderful to see your work get recognition! It’s been so great that you can continue to express your vision as busy as you always are, never stop! Floy

  3. Hi Scarlett,
    I am so relieved for Knox. Congratulations on your artwork being published. The picture is beautiful. :)

  4. BRAVO, Scarlett!! What a feather in your cap and a hugh lift to your spirits. God does have a way of surprising us with blessings just when we need it.

  5. First of all, I am SO happy that you and your family are all back home together!
    AND what a homecoming!! Daniele just told me that you are featured and we just posted in on Facebook’s Summer of Color group too 😉
    Your work is just gorgeous and I am so happy for all of your success! xoxo

  6. Congratulations Scarlett, that is gorgeous!! So proud. Glad you are all home and Knox is getting better…<3

  7. I am so relieved for all of you! I hope Knox continues to feel better. Congrats on your recent published piece, it is exquisite!

  8. Oh Scarlett!! Congrats on being published with this piece. I am so happy for you!! You are so wonderfully talented. Glad you are home & continued prayers for Knox.

  9. Hooray! You deserve this so much, your pieces are perfect for the somerset style. I’ll be picking up a copy as soon as I can! What wonderful news. And although he’s still fighting his sores, I’m glad Knox is eating again. Hopefully this will help his body gain strength to fight everything else. He’s always in my prayers.

  10. Hi Scarlett .. so pleased you’re home and that Knox is a little better .. your article in Somerset Life – is brilliant – you’re so creative with your ideas and thoughts .. with a big hug – Hilary

  11. Congratulations!! Now even more people will see how marvelous you are!!!
    I am glad that Knox is feeling a little better, hopefully that will continue and the blisters will go away very soon.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  12. I’m so excited for you, friend! You are an amazingly talented woman, and I’m so proud of you :)…I plan on getting this issue soon. The cover’s very cool too!

  13. I got my copy today! It is wonderful, so happy for you~ I am thrilled your boy is home~ Funny you mention now on his hands….last month my kids had a virus with blisters in their mouth and hands…?! I am so happy Knox is home with you! I hope n’ pray he continues to improve and isn’t in pain~

    Congrats Scarlett, it is beautiful! 😀 I am glad you you submitted~

  14. What wonderful news for you. I loved it. You have such talent and in so many areas.
    Hope Knox continues to eat and drink on his own. Keeping you all in my prayers.
    Love and a big hug,

  15. I guess I got my answer here, he is still in hospital. Poor thing! And poor you for having to watch him suffer like that. I think about you and will sent all my positive thoughts your way!!!!

    1. @Lisette –Oh, and now I see that you saw….haha! oh well, I replied late but still thank you for your kind comments! :)

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