Steampunk Card for Nurse C.




Knox’s sweet Nurse C. is shakin’ the Texas dust from her boots and headin’ west!

She likes Steampunk stuff so this is a ‘farewell’ card I made for her.

This was my first attempt at making something ‘Steampunk’ so not sure if I did the genre justice, but it was fun to make.  I pieced it together using images from the Internet since I don’t have any stamps or papers in this style (but now I want some!).


Thank you Nurse C.!

We are so grateful for your kind and loving care for our sweet boy over the last few months.  You have been a great blessing to our family and we will miss you!

Love, Knox and family

20 thoughts on “Steampunk Card for Nurse C.

  1. It is beautiful! Yes, I think it looks very Steampunk! I have always loved that style.
    I hope Knox is doing better – I’ve been out of commission for a bit, trip to the ER myself. All is better on my end. Let me know how you guys are ~

    I need to play catch up on your blog girlfriend, I will talk to you soon!
    Hugs sweetie ~ xo

  2. she is going to absolutely LOVE the card you made…it’s awesome, just like everything else you create! wondering where on the internet you found those images? what did you search? Happy Full Moon, Laurin

    1. @Laurin –Thanks so much! In Google search, I searched ‘zeppelin’ for the background, ‘wheels and cogs’ , and the back of the lady was cut from a victorian scene I found, little images were added onto it like a paper doll. It took some looking to find some that were copyright free (as far as I could tell). I really want to get some stamps and or paper in this style, I like it! Thanks for stopping by,have a great weekend!

  3. Hi Scarlett .. that’s the most beautiful farewell card I’ve seen – I too wish Nurse C all the very best and do hope she continues with her work on her return home .. wonderful!! Cheers Hilary

    1. @Hilary –Thanks so much, it’s really fun to be able to make a card customized for someone’s’s the reason I first started crafting years ago. Thanks for visiting, Hilary!

  4. I see a trip to the craft store in your future . . . this is so fabulous! I love the addition of the clock, your text and the images are perfect. Bravo! xoxo

  5. Love the look of Steampunk style and this card is super…it shows your talents and what a cool good-bye gift to someone who has helped your family with her talents.

  6. Scarlett,
    I LOVED IT!!! What a beautiful Steampunk card that I will keep forever!
    Thank you so much for the card and allowing me into your home to care for Knox. I already miss sweet Knox and your whole family and I really enjoyed watching you make art & talking with you about art. I hope you have a good spring & look forward to following your blog!

    1. @Christy –Hey!! Thanks for stopping by! So glad you liked it. I think Knox has been wondering where you are this week, we miss you and we’re wishing you all the best on your new adventure! 😉 Stay in touch!

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