Tiny Flower Frames From Shower Curtain Rings

These clear plastic shower curtain rings were ‘retired’ when my daughter got her Hello Kitty curtain with matching hooks and have never seen the light of day again.  Until now.

I decided to up-cycle these little plastic rings into miniature frames.  I used mostly scrap materials, a few things from the kitchen, and some old dried and pressed flowers that I keep for projects like this.

I started by tracing the ring onto cardboard so I would have a template for the centers.

I covered the rings with lots of different things. This one is covered in jute and the next in floral tape and then natural twine. The floral tape helped hold the twine in place while I wrapped the ring.

Then, using the cardboard template, I cut out two circles of wax paper and placed a pressed flower inside, and glued the circles together around the edges.

Next, I just hot-glued the circle onto the back of the ring.

I added a little button, some lace, and a piece of scrap ribbon at the top.

Added a tiny tag onto this one.

Love how the wax paper lets the light through.

This one’s different. I made a circle of wire, tacked a piece of produce netting (the stuff my onions come in) around it and slipped a pressed flower inside.


Here’s a shower ring wrapped in tulle.

I cut a circle of white cardboard for the backing and glued on a dried flower.

The tiny tag is made from a paper doily.


Here’s another one with a tiny tag made from torn muslin, the heart was cut from a pressed leaf.

This one was covered in cream colored yarn and the backing is thin cardboard.

This one is wrapped in a strip cut from a brown paper bag, the backing is parchment paper, and the heart is cut from a leaf.

This ring is wrapped in lace scraps and a pressed hydrangea is sandwiched between two circles of vellum.

This one is covered in muslin.  The backing is parchment paper and the flower is just glued onto the paper.

These are fun to make! I only made 8 out of 10, though, because my daughter wants to make some and put photos in them for her friend’s birthdays.

These are really sweet and would be great as a small ornament or tag on a gift.


Hope you are enjoying your Saturday and, as always,  thanks for coming by and taking a look at my projects!

21 thoughts on “Tiny Flower Frames From Shower Curtain Rings

  1. What a delightful idea! The possibilities are limitless! I could see someone doing these in a contemporary theme as well. These are utterly charming. Thank you for sharing this idea. I’m going to try it!

  2. OMG you are so freaking talented!!!! these are amazing!!! what a great gift tag/keepsake/ornament…the possibilities are endless…

    Love this up-cycle….another one for my craft book….& Pinterest!!!

    I think that is great you still have your Mom’s embroidered bag….I wish I still had a pair of jeans I made in the 60’s… I think that is why I am back at it…something to pass on….

    This is such a great frame idea Scarlett…Thanks for sharing!!! Happy weekend!!

    1. @Linda –Thank you! So glad you liked this idea, it’s super easy and fun! I was thinking you could even put a tiny piece of your embroidery in one, that would look so sweet I think. I appreciate your kind words, Linda!

  3. These are so awesome, I just love the way you look at normal everyday things and can turn them into works of art!

    I was thinking how awesome would a cluster of these look in a wreath or even on a wall!?

    So awesome!!!

  4. You have such a creative eye, mind and spirit! You were meant to inspire! You amaze me each and every time I visit. LOVE the whole project, love the pressed leaf cut into a heart and the way they look in the light. Bravo, bella!
    And yes, thank you! It was a total surprise yesterday – I had not submitted for the call so I had no idea. Yay! xoxo

  5. These are all wonderful, my favorite is the ones with wax paper. I love how the light plays on them and adds a magical touch~ Beautiful and clever!!!

    YOU should submit these…they are so pretty! I am so glad you photographed it with the light showing through. It is important to show the magic and you always do ;D

  6. Oh my, the possibilities! My head is swelling with ideas. Love your daughters photo idea. These could go anywhere from quite fancy to kids’ craft projects. You are truly an inspiration to both spirit and mind.

    1. @Daniele –Thanks so much! I haven’t had much luck with SLife…submitted lots of stuff last year and nada, zilcho, nothing. You’re such an encouragment, I appreciate it! Maybe I’ll submit by e-mail and see, thanks again, Daniele!

  7. These are incredibly original! I love them all but my favorites are probably the first one with the wax paper, the one covered in cream colored yarn, and the lace and vellum one. Amazing. I’m thinking ornaments for Christmas……. :)

  8. Hi Scarlett .. brilliant and what a creative use for the shower rings .. I love the opaque window one – reminded me of oil skin for windows back in medieval days … cheers Hilary

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