Lost Photos from Picnik

When you scan through hundreds of photos they all start to look pretty unremarkable, don’t they?

I thought I had so many great shots to save from my Picnik folder, but when I started going through them, I only had a few that seemed worth saving..


My son painting some old flip-flops to look like pizza.

My ‘zentangle’ mask- I decorated this mask for a photo shoot idea I had.
It’s one of the many blog posts I have on hold due to my lack of PS skills.

And I thought it fitting to post this one.  This photo was one of the very first pictures I edited when I first discovered Picnik and started this blog.

Hope you’re having a great weekend.  I’ve got more turtles coming up!

Thanks for stopping by!

10 thoughts on “Lost Photos from Picnik

  1. I love your photos, these are all wonder worthy! I am glad you saved them!
    And now I want pizza flip flops ;D so cute!
    Each one has magic in the making~
    Thank you for sharing @>——–
    You have a beautiful family~

  2. Great pics, Scarlett! I was marveling at Madelaine’s braids–Megan’s were toothpick thin! I feel I know your beautiful children through your photos even though I never get to actually see them now. Thanks for that!

  3. Now that is funny. Those pics are soooo remarkable. If they were mine I’d be entering them in some contest. Beautiful children, they grow up so quickly. Lovely photos.

  4. Hi Scarlett .. love the photos .. especially the Zentangle one, and the braided hair .. fun – thanks for showing us .. cheers Hilary

  5. Love all the photos!!! Fantastic Scarlett!!! I’d have to say my favorite is the close up of the butterfly and the Zentangle Mask. Just beautiful! I found Zentangle a few weeks ago and can’t stop. I love it!!! ~Sophia

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