Turtle Girl II

Each time I draw a girl finding a turtle it turns out a little bit different from the time before.  I’m having *fun* so I’m just going to keep going with these turtle girls.  Just like my first Turtle Girl from last week, I transferred my design from the sketchbook to the canvas. This time it’s a 6″ X 6″ gallery wrapped canvas.

Using my *favorite pencils ever* (Derwent Inktense) I colored in the design nice and bright.

Pretty turtle with a rainbow shell…

Added some rosy cheeks to the turtle…

I sponged on some Distress Inks for a light colored background…

Heavy on the edges…

Added some details and outlining with a ZIG  pen…

And now for just one more thing.

A paper crown…

For the princess? Nope.

For the turtle….

This little turtle painting is available in my Etsy shop.  All proceeds from my shop go to research for my son’s rare disease called Cockayne Syndrome. There are around 150 children in the world known to have this rare premature aging condition, probably many more that are undiagnosed. Please pass on the link to my shop if you know anyone who might be interested. Thank you!

And thanks for coming by and be sure and hop on over to Paint Party Friday and check out more original artwork from around the world!

30 thoughts on “Turtle Girl II

  1. Found you through PPF. Not only do I love the Turtle Girl, but found your camera work exceptional.

    And the tutorial was great! I am book-marking you as I want to follow your drawings in the future.

    Nice to meet you! (I also have a daughter with health concerns, so my heart goes out to you.)


    1. @Nancy –I’m so glad you came by, thanks so much for your sweet words. I’m happy to have found you as well! Have a blessed weekend!

  2. Loved seeing the progression of the nice little painting. I have always wanted to try those pens. Very nice results too using the outlining with the pen.
    I had not heard of this syndrome. Wishing you and yours the best. Hugs.

  3. Oh, Scarlett, your mixed media painting of the turtle girl is so lovely. I love that you have told us how you arrived at the final, colorful outcome.

  4. Awesome canvas! Love how you put the crown on the turtle instead of the prinsess :)
    You added nice details with the pen!
    Have a nice weekend!

  5. Thanks for your comment over at dreamcolour, so happy to have come by you. Your turtle piece is just lovely, the colours delicate yet bright, an original piece!

  6. Oh, so sweet! :) I like that you show how you paint step by step.. And lovely colors! I should maybe try and find a ZIG pen somewhere.. I have a micro pen that I love though..
    I have read about the disease Cockayne Syndrome last time I visited your blog.. So sad that there are diseases like that syndrome small children are having, and your son.

  7. Wow..super beautiful and inspiring art..the energy here is very uplifting and magical..loved seeing the whole process of your art..fantastical!!
    Thanks for sharing your heart-touching story about your son..shine on..how powerful a tribute to dedicate your art to him..shine on and keep shining!

  8. Hello Ms. Scarlett! I totally love your turtle, and the crown is a perfect touch! So good! Thank you for stopping in at my place, I’m glad that you did because I’ve found you now! I’ll be back over to keep tabs on you!
    Hugs from Arizona,

    1. @Margo –I’m so glad you stopped by, thank you for your kind words. happy to have found you as well!

  9. Hi Scarlett .. quite delightful – and it’s wonderful how you show us each step ..and I love the music .. cheers Hilary

    Happy Mother’s Day – almost forgot … with many thoughts for you and the family ..

  10. Turtle Girl should be a book! I love the progression of this piece and the crown being on the turtle. The music goes so well…beautiful!

    Happy Mother’s Day to you! @>——

  11. This is a second comment from me because I keep going back to your post on the Turtle Girl.

    My brother is in College Station, TX, a retired commercial graphic artist. I sent him both a link to this post and to your Etsy shop. I am just really impressed with your style and may get some of the watercolor pencils you suggested … I told him about them, too, and he said he might get into watercolors! So you have inspired both of us.

    1. @Nancy –Wow, thanks so much, Nancy. I appreciate it! I’m happy to have found you through PPF! Have a great week!

  12. A crown for the turtle! LOVE that! And the colors and embrace are so sweet.
    Thank you too for your sweet words about the baby journal. And so you know, I have learned a lot about babies and positivity from YOU. xoxoxo!

  13. Oh, I meant to tell you, I am an only too!
    But I didn’t have the stable (ish 😉 family that Kendra does, so I really pushed for her to have something that I didn’t. But I have to remember that she is in a much better place and has a lot of support, so that helps, anyway, thanks again! xoxo

  14. I really like your turtle girls. I never thought of inking after painting, I always draw in ink or marker first then color in. I like your way, it is much looser and creative.

    1. @Gloria –Hi! Thanks for coming by, I love your site. I didn’t see a place to leave a comment but your collection of work is amazing! I love the ZIG pens for adding in details at the end, but there are so many other ways, too, always fun to try different techniques. I appreciate your kind words, hope you’ll come again. :)

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