Turtle Painting for Knox

I’m FINALLY done!

Here are some of the photos I took during my progress.  My studio was my bedroom floor…



I decided at this point to make a barely perceptible face on the girl.  If you walk by and just glance at the painting you’ll never notice it, but it you studied it for a minute, you’ll see her compassion…


A special turtle painting just for my sweet Knoxy!

And here’s my little turtle dumpling telling what he thinks of mommy’s art.

When you have kids, you always have fans.  :)

Thanks for stopping by, and if you’re in the USA, hope you have a relaxing Labor Day tomorrow!

16 thoughts on “Turtle Painting for Knox

  1. Seriously awesome. I was bothered by the “no face” look, but really liked why you were doing it that way. I LOVE the barely perceptible – compassion comes through without anything else!!! Let the viewer fill in his/her own details and story. LOVE IT!!! Oh, and you look terrific with your painting – I had no idea it was this large until I saw that shot. Knox, you’re the man! So turtley awesome, with a great mom!!!!

  2. As always, your work is a delight. I love the care and compassion represented here.

    Simple to see the message, and done with wonderful colors and shapes that are soothing and pleasing.


    ps, my outlook express won’t let me send messages at this time. Still working on a diagnosis. I’ve tried several suggestions on the web, without success. But, I can still write on my webmail account and I can receive as normal in my Outlook. I always smile when I see one of your posts in my inbox. I know that I am in for a sweet surprize.

  3. What a nice surprise this will be for the hospital. I’m sure it will make the children there smile just like your precious Knox. The bright colors are perfect and the hint of a face is a nice touch. Kids (and grandkids) are our biggest fans aren’t they. Of course I think that works both ways. ;-D

  4. Scarlett,
    Your work is BEAUTIFUL! What a fabulous reflection of a mother’s love for her children…. especially your little angel, Knox!

    Wishing you well!

  5. I love it and so will they! You are going to make so many people smile when they see it in the hospital, a wonderful gift for sure. Knox is such an angel, what a doll! My family is my biggest fans too, it does our hearts good as moms to know how much they care and love what we do. t.xoxooxox

  6. Love it! It is so bright and colorful for a place that is usually unpleasant for children and their families! Knox is so proud of his momma and what a great way to celebrate his life! Absolutely perfect for the hospital!

  7. This is beautiful! I loved seeing you behind the process 😀 My art looks like that…in corners all over the house, lol. I do have a table in the Frog, but it is covered with sewing items. All the painting, plotting and planning goes on in the kitchen or sometimes on my deck.

  8. Hi Scarlett – lovely photos and I do hope the Hospital accept your painting – and yes I can see the compassion in her face … it is beautiful ..

    PS Congratulations on the Somerset Life inclusion …

    Cheers Hilary

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