Upcycled Paper Rolls~ Napkin Ring and Place Card

I’m in no shortage of these at my house so when I saw Somerset Life’s ‘Paper Roll’ challenge I thought I’d give it a try.

And lest you think all rolls are created equal, I have to show you the difference.

The sturdier tube on the right is Charmin.

(Isn’t it funny how we buy the same brand of bathroom tissue we were ‘raised’ on?)

Someone in my house buys whatever’s on sale. That’s the roll on the left.

Big difference.

I used my preferred rolls to make a  butterfly napkin ring and place card set.

The napkin ring is half a tube covered with paper and a scalloped book page.  Then I cut a measured strip of coordinating paper and stamped it with a butterfly in the middle.

Then I cut around the wings with my swivel x-acto knife…

The place card was made by flattening 2/3  of a tube and cutting along one side…



Wouldn’t these be cute at a little girl’s tea party?


I wish you all a wonderful weekend!

Knox and I will be leaving for the UK in only 4 more days! I’m so excited!  I’ll be getting some pink streaks in my hair for the trip and Knox will be donning some ultra cool adventure hair as well.  Photos to come!

Thanks for coming by!

18 thoughts on “Upcycled Paper Rolls~ Napkin Ring and Place Card

  1. Only you could make something so dainty and elegant from toilet paper rolls! I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind giving music credits for your posts because I love your choices and would like to know what they are. Good luck for the UK trip!

  2. I am always excited when I open an email with your new project and this one did not dissapoint me.
    I can’t wait for the pictures of you and Knox with your adventure hair.
    Safe passage!

  3. So pretty, I love ’em! Funny how the cardboard rolls are different quality as well as the paper :)

    Have a wonderful time in the UK – the weather’s on the turn so make sure you bring some warmer clothing……. :(


  4. Hi Scarlett – you must be so excited … the visit over here is so soon now – sounds like you’re having fun with your preparations …

    Good luck and I do hope you have an easy trip … thinking of you – cheers Hilary

  5. Those are wonderful! I have a whole bag of rolls that I have been saving for gift boxes but I love this idea! The way that you cut out the butterfly so that it is 3d is perfect. Have a fabulous trip, can’t wait to see how you two rock your new hairdos! t.xoxo

  6. Have a wonderful and safe trip! Do you all get to go, or just you and Knox? I’ll be watching for the pics.

    I had no idea there was a difference in the TP rolls. I learn something new every day. Love the napkin rings!

  7. No two rolls created equally is quite right. Your butterfly bands for the napkin rings and place cards are so beautiful. The colors and papers you used are very serene and perfect for this Fall season. The flutter of the butterfly wings really brings them to life.
    May you and Knox have safe travels and enjoy your trip. I look forward to seeing the new hair dos.
    Blessings dear…

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