Bandit Girl and the Bugs I

These are sketches for some bandit girl paintings I’ve been wanting to do.

And here’s the first one!

I added Diamond Glaze to the bugs and the eyes for a glass-like finish…

This original painting is available in my Etsy shop, where I sell my art and butterfly cards to raise money for CS research!

Hope you’re having a terrific weekend, thanks for stopping by! Be sure and check out my FB page for a sneak peek at the bandit girl painting coming up next.


13 thoughts on “Bandit Girl and the Bugs I

  1. @Renee~ Thank you, I appreciate it!

    @Jane~ I appreciate the ‘novel’ comment..I really do try to come up with stuff I haven’t seen before, but I never know for sure! Thanks so much!

    @Saucy Chick Sherry ~I appreciate your comment as always! Thank you for taking the time to leave your kind words!

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