Cardinals in the Birches

This project was used with 2nd-4th graders. Several projects like this have filtered through Pinterest, I simply added my own Cardinal Pattern, since we see these pretty birds all year in Texas.

Choose a colored background page of card stock.

Then, using the full length of a sheet of white card stock, cut strips with jagged edges for tree trunks. Use a black pastel or crayon to add bark lines and branches.

Here’s a FREE pattern to use for a cardinal.  I also reduced it 65% to make a baby bird.

cardinal pattern 1

I had the kids paint a piece of watercolor paper with “cardinal colors’ and then, either draw their bird or use a pattern.  I always encourage young artists to try and draw first, but if they become frustrated and are unable to produce and image they like, I allow them to use a pattern.
watercolor cardinal

Glue bird onto tree branch and add eye and feather details with black Sharpie.

Use a white crayon to add snowfall, and to mark the eyes on male cardinals with black masks.


No matter how you paint them, the birds look beautiful in white birch trees.

Be sure and check out my FB page to see the kid’s finished masterpieces!

Thanks for stopping by, hope you’re having a great week. ~Scarlett



cardinal in the birches 2

cardinals in the birches 1

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