“3 Seconds”

Knox was here with us for over 3 years, but sometimes it feels more like 3 seconds.  The time was so short.





Acrylic on Canvas, 24″ X 12″.


  1. Melanie Keel

    Love you Scarlett, this is beautiful. So special, his short time with us was brief but so powerful. Miss him everyday, look at and speak with his picture all the time!! Love you, hugs and kisses! Aunt Mel… <3

  2. So beautiful.

  3. Beautiful painting Scarlett. ~Sophia

  4. Beautiful! She looks so very graceful, and I am impressed with her hand held out to the butterfly. Great job!

  5. Hi Scarlett – you reflect your life with Knox so well – he was with you such a short time – yet he reached out to so many .. and we learnt from him and you … a smile means a million words and he smiled and smiled …

    Such an honour to have met you with Knox and the girls … and it’s great you can still share him with us … my thoughts and big hugs – Hilary

  6. The Burtons

    Hi Scarlett, we think about you, the family and Knox everyday. Sending you as much love as is possible from Wales to Texas. Take care and hope to see you soon. Lots of love and kisses from Thomas, Sue and Ian

  7. jeana boatright

    Hi Sweet Friend,
    This is just beautiful. You have such gift of putting your feelings into words to accompany your art. I know it reaches many and helps them acknowledge feelings they may not even realize they had. I have Knoxy’s pictures in several places and I smile and cry and pray often. For you, for him , for all CS families.
    Love you so much.

  8. Tara Gibbs

    Dearest Scarlett– never really believed a picture could say a thousand words til now. 3 years is not enough time–in fact, no amount of time is long enough to be with the ones we cherish so much. But he was so very loved and he loved back, and he was such a happy child. YOU did that Scarlett. You created, with Brandon and God, such a beautiful much-loved child that made the world happy and he was happy in it, even if for only a brief “3 seconds”. Those 3 short years were a lifetime full of love, fun, and laughter. Love you, my sweet friend.

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