8 Ideas for Simple Wrapping with Herbs and Paper Doilies

Faster. Simpler. Cheaper.

These have been my goals when trying to come up with wrapping and gift ideas.

I looked outside to see if there was something I could use and there was only one thing that has survived my black thumb: the herbs.

I cut some clippings of rosemary, thyme, and oregano.  They look plain, but mmmmmmm…they sure do smell good.

I gathered some brown shipping paper and some white paper doilies from Wal-Mart that I got for $1.

A few other odds and ends were used, too, but I tried to use as few items as possible and only stuff I already had.
Here are 8 ideas for simple wrapping and gifts:

Idea #1 -Fold doily into a cone and stuff with herbs. Tie with jute.



They get the gift plus some seasoning for their next chicken dish.

Idea #2 –  (should’ve been #1)  Just put the doily on top and tie with some twine.

Idea #3 – Folding up the herbs in a doily like a burrito (this post is making me hungry). Tie with jute and a tag.

Idea #4 –  Use the doily by itself to make a gift bouquet.

Idea #5 –  Fold the doily in half, and fold the sides under slightly to make a pocket for herbs. Tie with jute.

Idea #6 –  Make a cone with a  paper roll, cover it with a half-doily to make mini herb bouquet.

Staple at the bottom to hold cone shape.



Idea #7 –  Make a doily cone and press it flat, with just a few herbs tucked in.

Idea #8 –  Don’t have the doilies? Tuck in some longer clippings of herbs, tie with jute and a white tag.

Hope these ideas inspire you to wrap simply and save some serious moolah.

And I hope you enjoy this music from the Great Depression, which seems all too appropriate in the after-math of tax day.

Up next, I’m going to post some lost photos that I rescued from Picnik before it closed last week.

Have a great week and thanks for visiting!


  1. Today I write in this way:
    Che belle idee Scarlett! Mi sembra di sentirne il profumo!
    Mi piace molto il mini-bouquet realizzato con il rotolo di carta igienica.
    Qui da noi non vendono il filo bianco e rosso, ma prima o poi me lo compro!
    Ciao. Ti auguro una serena giornata!

    • Grazie, Anna! I appreciate it, you’re SO sweet to leave such kind comments, can’t wait to come over and see what you’ve been working on! 🙂

  2. I love these great ideas! Brown paper and white doillies are the best mix.
    Hugs from Spain

  3. Pretty, natural and yet simple ideas. Who wouldn’t love receiving a gift wrapped like those. Thanks Scarlett!

  4. what an awesome post- tfs 🙂

  5. What a clever idea!!! Love it.

  6. Beautiful simplicity…I can almost smell the rosemary while reading this.

  7. Love it! Never thought of it, and wish I had! I always have herbs and use them but what a lovely thought to gift them. ~s

  8. I love herbs, the gift that keeps on giving! 😀
    I think simple touches like these have the most sentiment!
    I love the nosegay bundles and their heady scents!
    You elevated the ordinary ;D so pretty!
    I mail my Mom rosemary. When she visited me last we made
    rosemary bread. It is amazing with olive oil!
    It is heaven to receive herbs in the mail~

  9. Beautiful gift packing..!!! anything with herbs cannot go wrong as far as I am concerned… Love all your ideas…you are a wellspring of ideas Scarlett…


  10. Renee Zarate

    Brilliant ideas! I grow about 20 kinds of herbs and I’m always looking for gifting ideas so I can share them with my friends. Really, Scarlett, this is so clever, I love it.

  11. I love each and every one of these ideas! I use doilies very often in shipping my etsy sales, I think it makes the packaging look more like a gift. Now I need to plant an herb garden! Thanks for the great inspiration once again! t.xoxooxo

  12. Oh my goodness..this is so so darling. I am so going to use this idea. So simple yet so impressive…thank you so much! Happy dance! xoxoxoxo

  13. Patricia G. Quinones Flores

    Nice and Simply I love everthing that you share!!!!!! Blessings!!!!!!

  14. Another brilliant and beautiful idea.This reminds me that I need to be more thoughtful when wrapping gifts. 😉

  15. Love it, love it! Thank’s for the idea! 🙂

  16. Love the ideas, especially since you really are giving two gifts. I’m missing my garden so much since I won’t be planting this year (due to the upcoming move). But now I *really* want to get some small herb pots. Hope you are having a blessed time with your family. Many hugs.

  17. Natural, organic, aromatic, romantic and beautiful. Simple yet elegant. Well done dear…

  18. Hi Scarlett – loved these .. and you could add a simple handwritten recipe card – with ‘thank you’ on the front .. and spray paint the doily .. so the pattern would show through ..

    You have wonderful ideas .. love them .. cheers Hilary

  19. Such inspiring ideas Scarlett!!! Thank you!!! Love the smell of the herbs too. Rosemary and lavender are my favorites!!! ~Sophia

  20. Such sweet gift wrapping ideas! I love the handmade touch! It’s so elegant!

  21. We love your ideas and images! They are so beautiful and inspiring. We would even like to feature them with a link to your site on our blog in a post about holiday wrapping! Thank you for the beautiful ideas!
    Warmest, Liz and Lo {celesteandpearl.blogspot.com}

    • Thanks so much,I’m honored you’ve chosen to link back to my site! Appreciate your kind words and thanks for letting me know. I’ll be over to visit soon! ~Scarlett

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  23. Love your simple and beautiful ideas!
    Hugs from Sweden

    • Thank you, Helena! I appreciate your comment so much. I hope you’re warm and having a blessed day, Hugs right back to you from Texas. ~Scarlett

  24. I LOVE your project that is why I featured you today in my post “Best of creative gift wrapping ideas”. I hope you don´t mind! You can find it here: http://nur-noch.blogspot.de/2015/04/best-of-creative-gift-wrapping-ideas.html
    Best wishes Ronja Lotte

    • Hi Ronja, Thank you for your encouraging words! Thank you for featuring my project on your site and especially thanks for the link! I hope you have a great week! ~Scarlett

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