1. Perfect photo for the flowers which add such a nice touch. I haven’t seen your summer and my summer seems to be passing me by too.

  2. Your photography remains one of my favorite parts of your blog. What a lovely picture and along with the flowers, it looks very ethereal. Much love to you and your family, Scarlett.

  3. susan maguire

    You are truely blessed with a wonderful creative idea each day to share with us.

  4. Susan in TX

    Beautiful! She looks so young compared to now. If you find your summer, send me some of it. 🙂 How do we find out what music is playing on your player?

    • @Susan in TX –Thanks so much! You can ask me anytime about the music. I quit listing it in every post because I change it so frequently.
      The music playing right now is called “Radiant” by Pete Anthony from the score to “Charlott’s Web”. Have a great week! 🙂

  5. love it !!!

  6. Beautiful! I love black n’ white photos and the whispers of flowers add so much! Wonderful….wow, she does look so young in this photo~

  7. What a great idea…I love this…she looks like a little Hippie Girl now 🙂

  8. Such a sweet photo for your beautiful crown of flowers. Happy creating…

  9. Hi Scarlett .. love the music .. and such a clever idea with the photo – she is beautiful … and now with her crown of lovely flowers ..

    And where oh where is summer going … there’ll be less when you get over here … with many thoughts Hilary

  10. This is so sweet, Scarlett! What a beautiful idea!

  11. lovely work, I love the crown of flowers

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