A Giraffe and Some Elephants

Have you seen this tiny giraffe baby teether from France?

She is quite famous across the pond.  Baby K. got his very own little “Sophie la girafe” yesterday–ooh-lala.

We enjoyed watching the video of how Sophie is made, and watching K. try to eat her hooves off.

Speaking of giraffes, I have some other wild animals I want to show you.

I got my “Decorated Elephant” ATCs in the mail! Check’em out!

This first one is covered with thin felt and sewn–wow! The artist titled it “Harold”.

This marker colored beauty is from Illinois.  So pretty!

It’s sort of what I had first envisioned mine to look like before I decided to draw my decorated elephants and put chandeliers on their heads.

This one has so much detail and a really cool African look. It came from an artist in Pennsylvania.

Have a great Wednesday~


  1. Melanie Keel

    Baby K. sure does look like he is really enjoying his new Giraffe Teether. So cute, like no teether I have ever seen. Love all the photo’s lately, always so creative and talented. I love you, all my best to everyone!! Aunt Mel.

  2. Wow! The stitched elephant is really impressive, but I like them all. And Baby K with Sophie is, of course, priceless! 🙂 Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. aww what a cute giraffe keepsake!

    and love those elephant atc’s!

  4. Baby K looks pretty happy with his new giraffe, so cute!

    My Mom collects elephants, I might have to do something like this for her…
    Thanks for sharing so pretty~

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