A Man-Card


Happy Birthday to my funny, intelligent, and extremely good-looking husband! 

I’d post a picture of him but it would just make you jealous.  🙂

Anyway, seeing as how the cards for men at the store are so LAME, I made a special man-card just for him.

My inspiration?  Captain Frederick Wentworth from the 2007 version of Jane Austen’s “Persuasion”.

I love the part where Anne and the Captain both find themselves in Bath at the same time.  In this scene, Cpt. Wentworth gets caught in a rain shower as he heads to the Pump Rooms and whom should he happen to meet there?  Why, Miss Anne Elliot, his former fiance. * GREAT MOVIE* 

 I think it’s a cool shot and very appropriate for my gentleman,  so I sketched it.

Then brayered on several inks to age it and stamped some vintage handwriting stamps around it–postage stamps at the top left since my husband loves to travel–crumpled up pieces of text from an old Bible since he’s currently in seminary–three silver buttons, and finally, his age today: 35.

Happy Birthday, Brandon!



  1. Missy Trantham

    I loved that movie, and the book…it was very sweet. However, like most Jane Austen romances, the couple finally getting together takes forever :). I love the card, too…did you scan it, so you’ll have more than one? Are you giving that one to someone?

  2. Missy Trantham

    Oops! I just read that you gave it to Brandon…I automatically just look at pictures before reading a lot of the time 🙂

  3. This is gorgeous!

    you have an amazing talent!

  4. Very sweet.
    I love you.

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