A Technique for Aging Paper

 I think old paper is so cool.

The older the better.

I’m sure there are one thousand blogs out there that show a thousand other ways to age paper, but here’s what I do:

1.) Give it a tea bath.

2.) Hang it up.

3.) Spray with Walnut Ink while the paper is still wet.

Tsukineko now  offers Walnut Ink powder and crystals so you can customize the shade you want even more.

4.) Let it dry in the sun.

And that’s it. 

 Now it looks and feels like paper that was left in a drawer for half a century or more.

Just the right look for projects that need a special vintage touch.

Here’s one project I’ve done with aged paper recently.

On our piano, I have a clear glass container lamp from Pottery Barn –the kind you can take the top off of and fill with different stuff.

I took several sheets of aged sheet music, rolled them up, tied them with black satin ribbons, and placed them inside.  What do you think?

I’ll show you another project using aged paper soon. Have a wonderful day!


  1. Thanks for the tips; I have done the tea bag, but not the walnut ink powder.
    I love the photo of the paper on the clothes line; What did the neighbors say, I wonder?! How fun~

  2. Looks awesome!

    My mum always taught me the tea-bag technique, always fun to do, awesome results with the walnut stain!

  3. I didn’t know thats how you aged paper! I usually just let it sit a couple years….. the longer you have the better the paper ages! 😉
    So cool! I should try it sometime!

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