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Hi, my name is Scarlett and I am an artist in Texas, USA!

On this sit/e you’ll see posts about:

*Museum Visits

*My YouTube videos about Art

*Critical Responses to Art Exhibits

*Art Books Discovered

* My Original Artwork

*Art Projects with Children

*Art and Apologetics

*Plus: DIY art projects with FREE patterns and tutorials.


All proceeds from the sale of items in my Etsy shop are donated to Cockayne Syndrome research and family support.

*For art purchase inquiries, please email me at


Thank you ~ Scarlett

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  1. It appears that we have some common interests. I am also a Christian artist/writer and recognize your Blue, Purple and Scarlet headline.
    I love your work!

    Carol Taylor

  2. I love that you said you “private tutor” your kids… i just had this discussion with a friend yesterday ironically… what a gift to home school and give your kids a private tutor education. I’m looking into starting this right now as my daughter is about to enter preschool… we’ll see.
    BTW found your bloggy when you stopped by mine, i heart iheartfaces :)

  3. I love your blog! Thank you for sharing yourself and your love for art, and life with us. I happened upon your blog in my quest for just the right title to start up my own art blog. I am a quilter, fiber artist, stamper, card maker, mixed-media wanna be… and I want to do it all for His glory. That’s alot to try and figure out in one blog, I know! 😉 Your work is beautiful! Thank you! You will be an inspiration to me and I will definitely follow you now! Blessings – Mary

    1. Thanks so much, Mary! All the best on your blogging adventure and I hope you do stop by again soon. :) Let me know how it goes!

  4. Nice write up Scarlett! I love your view; I admire home schooling. I haven’t done it, but have done what I could to teach outside of school. I have moved 17x in 27yrs. My son started middle school in Maine; we moved in October to Hawaii and moved back the following May. He finished that year with the class he started with. It has been an unique lifestyle~ Keep with your art; it is amazing! xXx

  5. Scarlet,
    I loved, loved your beautiful cardinals in the snow. I was amazed that anyone could be so creative.
    I noticed your beautiful boys pictures and read on your baby’s syndrome. You have a journey ahead of you, one you could never imagine, you will see that you have been prepared to be the mother of this child with this challenge.
    I also have a beautiful daughter, 11 yrs old (six months old skills) with an unknown severe genetic disorder 1/20mil. Someone said that God holds a mother’s prayers for her children close to his heart. I have seen miracles for my daughter and been strengthened though prayer. I believe God loves these perfect children with perfect love, even more perfect than a mothers unconditional love. A doctor once told me “take one day at a time” I did not know at the time how very wise he was.
    Your special creative talents will come in handy though therapies, insurance disputes and daily, by bringing the most fulfilling life moments possible to your sweet son. May God bless your family.
    (I did have trouble linking though the picture to the other site.)

    1. @Cynthia –Thank you so much for your amazingly warm and sincere message, I’ve read over it two times and will probably read it many more times in the future. I haven’t seen any miracles yet, but I’m on the watch for one! Thank you for sharing about your daughter, as well. It truly does help to know there are others out there who have been given these unthinkable challenges….and are making it. Yes, I hear you, ‘one day at at time’, we try to do that, though the prognosis is never far from my mind no matter how hard I try to forget about it. Thanks again for taking the time to leave these words of love and encouragement, I appreciate it more than I can say. Many blessings to you and your sweet little girl and your whole family!
      (I looked into the linking problem, should be fixed now, thanks!)

  6. Well, now you can see that I am really one of your Fan Girls.

    Also clicked on the CS link; am learning more about this terrible disorder.

  7. @Nancy –That’s awesome that you took the time to read a bit about Cockayne Syndrome. CS children are angels among us. Thanks, Nancy.

  8. what beautiful comments. People can be so caring ..
    I am a Christian & Homeschool mom & grandmom .. I wouldn’t trade one minute of the time spent homeschooling my youngest daughter :-)

    Love your art.. so beautiful too. I knit to remain sane :_) & recently have gotten into polyclay, making 3d pendents are my newest obsession.

    God Bless you & your precious family … I agree that all children are a gift from God, no matter their strengths or weaknesses. we are always blessed by them . I believe God has a special place for Mom’s of special needs :-)


    1. @Lisa –Thank you so much, I appreciate you taking the time to leave such kind words. I re-read comments for encouragement and am grateful for each and every one. Many blessing to you and your family, Scarlett

  9. Hello Scarlett, I came to your blog from Summer of Color and I loved your gorgeous artwork. I then clicked on your link to information about Cockayne Syndrome – and only then did I see that your beautiful baby boy has this dreadful illness. It feels inadequate to say that my heart goes out to you, but what more can I say? It’s only been a year since diagnosis and you must still be in shock. I understand when you say you don’t want to keep an art journal as a way of dealing with your feelings, but I do hope your artwork will help. Knox is so beautiful (that’s such a lovely photo of him) and he is lucky to have you as his Mummy. I will be following your blog from now on :o)


  10. I am so thankful for Artful Blogging. Because it is the way that I find amazing individuals like yourself. Your story touched my heart and your art is wonderful..I absolutely LOVE your photography and look forward to reading more of your blog and seeing your work. Congratulations on your latest published work in Artful blogging. Many blessings…
    Debbie <3 aka peculiarme71

  11. just wanted to pass on that I came upon your site quite by chance, although I don’t believe it was by chance. God uses all of us to reach eachother- and I am now aware of you and your sweet, sweet boy and family- so rest assured that from now on you will be on my prayer list….St. Padre Pio is a great friend to all of us who have crosses , esp. with our little ones… Bridget

  12. Hi…I enjoyed browsing through your site. I was wondering if you could please share with me the name of the song playing on your home page? I like it alot!

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Gina, Glad you came by! I change the music frequently on my blog, but the piece playing right now is called “Unavoidable” from the film score to “Anna Kerenina”, by Dario Marianelli. I love it, too! Have a great week!

  13. You artwork is lovely. Thanks for sharing. What a journey you’ve been through with your precious son. So sorry you had such a short time with him here on earth. Thanks for sharing your story. I hope your story helps others dealing with this

    1. Hi Eileen, thank you for visiting and thank you for your kind words. I appreciate your comment so much, many blessings to you and yours `Scarlett

  14. Scarlett,

    I have never met you, but your story has touched my heart in a deep way. You love pours out of the words you have to describe what you’ve been through and I wish you all the love in the world as you continue on your journey.


  15. I just read your article ladder to the moon and it was so moving to me. As a young woman and a recent art school graduate I have been struggling with the question of how I should use my artwork to glorify the Lord. Seeing that beautiful and thoughtful work of art was extremely encouraging. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks so much, Meredith! God bless you in your creating! Please stop by again and let me know how your work is going! Blessings~Scarlett

  16. Hey Scarlett. Just linked over from where I read you article, “Homeschool Will Not Save Them”. My friend emailed the article to me with the comment, “Oooh yaaa!” and that’s because this is a topic dear to our hearts.

    We are part of a group of 4 friends who get together almost weekly to fellowship and pray for our children, ALL of whom were homeschooled and MOST of whom are not following the LORD, nay, dare we say, even regenerated. We are talking 19 children between the 4 of us. We call ourselves Desperate Mothers Praying For Our Wayward Children and while we made up the name slightly in jest, we are very serious about praying for them.

    Each one of us bought into the homeschool myth that if you give your children a Christian homeschool education, however that may look, you will have born-again Christians pop out the other end, mightily serving the LORD. And so that no one can mistakenly think, ‘well they didn’t do it right’, I could check off doing everything you listed in your article and more; so could my dear sisters.

    As you said, this is “fairly pervasive in homeschooling catalogs and conferences” and I would add that the homeschooling community as a whole promulgates this myth as well; I mean, what honest Christ-follower would not want their children to turn out the same? Truly, as a homeschooling mom, is it not THE desire of our hearts to want to see our children born-again and following hard after God? Of course it is and so we are preyed upon. I believe that the homeschooling community is also a breeding-ground for legalism and false doctrine which also preys upon our desire to produce godly children, and while we’re at it, be better Christian wives and moms! But that is another post.

    “I pray the Lord himself will meet my daughter in the woods of her rebellion and use whatever means he chooses to save her soul”…that is our all-prevailing prayer for our children too.

    God bless you Scarlett as you seek to serve and share Jesus.

    1. Thanks so much, Sandi! I appreciate your words of encouragement so much. Thanks for taking the time to come by and share your thoughts. Yes, it is the desire of our hearts to see our children living in truth, Amen! Many blessings to you and your family! ~ Scarlett

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