Altered Drink Coaster Ornament (#2)

Here’s my drink coaster covered in glue and ready to be transformed into a beautiful ornament. Forgive the sticky appearance of my table top. This time of year there are lots of adhesives being used in this area.

First, I covered it in some canvas paper.  I’ve never used it as a background material and wanted to see how it worked.

I cut a piece a bit bigger than the coaster and glued it to one side and let it dry for a few minutes.

After it was dry, I brayered some Distressing Ink in Red Brick all over it.

I rubbed it all over to give it a soft look and then layered my paper and stamped image in the center.  Both the central image and the Faith word stamp are from Oxford Impressions (a few years ago).  The paper is from K&C Company. I went over the letters with a green gel pen to bring out the green from the mulberry paper that mattes the central image.   I glued on an iridescent heart on the top left corner of Faith, and then punched two small holes at the top to string ribbon through.  I found the little pink ball things in my stuff drawer and tied them around the ribbon hanger and glued on another small iridescent heart.    Transformation accomplished! These drink coasters are really fun to alter and they are the perfect size for ornaments.

I have a circular coaster to alter next.  I’m planning on making a special ornament for my neighbor with the scarlet macaw parrot!


  1. Yeah!! You did a great job on that one! Beautiful :). Is your Madonna and Child a stamp or clipart?

    • Thanks! It’s an older stamp from Oxford Impressions. Thank you SO much for giving me the coasters to play with 🙂

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