Wings of Many Colors


On my recent visit to the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, California, I saw colorful wings!

Many pieces of art in the medieval and Renaissance galleries feature angels with rainbow colored wings and feathers of many hues.  I was immediately inspired by these gorgeous pieces. Here are some of the photos I took during my visit. I hope they inspire you, too!
IMG_1770 IMG_1790 IMG_1767 IMG_1776 IMG_1779 IMG_1781 IMG_1762 IMG_1765 IMG_1773 IMG_1777 IMG_1764 IMG_1787


  1. Thank you for sharing. They are beautiful. Beautiful wings of color✨

  2. Hi Scarlett – what a lovely visit you must have had … with time to explore and absorb some of those marvellous art works … gorgeous photos – they look extraordinary … and wings of colour … with angels to guide us … cheers Hilary

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