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“The Whole Idea of Art”

Controversial Art Exhibit at Grantleigh School Recently, an art exhibit caused considerable debate at a Christian school in South Africa. Thanks to Lisa Q. at Think Divinely, for pointing me to the story.  Why the controversy? The exhibit featured several copies of classical compositions of Christian art where God the […]


Candy Corn Queen 2019

In the style of Czech artist, Alphonse Mucha, this year’s Candy Corn Queen dons Art Nouveau fashion. Here’s my black outline of the preliminary drawing. Feel free to print it out and color it in your own style~ Thanks for stopping by~ Scarlett

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Unicorns of the Sea

Art Inspired by Genetic Variability  The diversity is incomprehensible! When we look at the natural world–air, land, and sea–there appears to be limitless variations of shape, form, color, and texture.  As an artist and a Christian, I believe the vast array of creativity in the natural world is best explained […]