Candy Corn Sketchbook

Her diet is naught but juice and a crust

She’s wasting away and thinks it unjust

The lack of fare makes her glum and forlorn

She cheers herself up with some candy corn.


Yep, I’m still sick in bed.

Nothing to do but draw and eat soup.

candy corn 1

candy corn 04

candy corn 07


  1. Hooray for candy corn! It’s one of the hallmarks of fall, for me. Of course I always eat too much and make myself sick…but there’s just something about that taste that’s wonderful! 🙂

  2. YUM! I love candy corn! It’s one of my favorite fall treats! :p

  3. I knew there was a reason I like you! 😀

  4. I knew I liked you for a reason! Since tomorrow is October 1st, we just decorated our school room in its annual October decor- CANDY CORN!!! Ours aren’t nearly as cute as yours, though!!!

  5. Fun! I love candy corn!
    You know California Adventure…at the Disneyland resort is decorated with cany corn for Halloween:)
    It is so festive!!!

    Have a great day:)))


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