Bandit Girl with Ladybugs II

Here’s my second bandit girl with ladybugs!

These designs are fun to paint and I’ve listed this piece, as well as the first one, in Knox’s Etsy shop.

All my profits from this little shop are sent to medical research for my son’s rare illness, called Cockayne Sydrome.

If you, or someone you know, appreciates original, one-of-a-kind artwork, please share the link!




  1. So cute! Love it, keep going.

  2. I too love ladybugs! Wonderful Scarlett~

  3. Love these, so fun and creative!

  4. Stormy Redman

    Really love your amazing work…lots of continued prayers for you and your dear family…by the the music…could you share what it is that is is wonderfully dramatic/romantic as if from a British series..thank you.

    • Hi Stormy, thanks for your kind words, glad you stopped by! Always appreciate the prayers for my angel, Knox, as well. The music on right now is called “Unavoidable”, a track from the film score to last year’s “Anna Kerenina” (Dario Marianelli). Have a great weekend!

  5. I absolutely love these paintings!!! The diamond glaze on the lady bugs looks fantastic!!! ~Sophia

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