Banner Envy

I’ve been looking at blog banners today, or I guess I should say this morning, since it’s 1 a.m.

Wow!! Some of them are so fun and creative!

I love the metallic shimmer this one has, the rich elegance of this one, the warm photography of this one, and the fun look of this one. Oh, and this one is super cool, too.

After seeing so many incredible designs I HAD to try to make a new one. Can’t sleep anyway.

This one is composed of digital scraps I already had scanned into my computer.  I played around with them,  arranging them in a different ways.

Some pretty vintage looking paper with roses and a torn edge…

A Carl Larsson sketch on the left…

A silhouette of Charles Dickens’ lovely wife…

… and a sample of Dickens’ original draft of Nicholas Nickleby on the right as well…

I layered all of those nicely in a row and then doodled on them, adding a US flag, heart, necklace, red scribbles,etc.

I really like how the colors turned out.

Speaking of colors, I’ve noticed something lately about the “super-bloggers” I peek in on.

Not only do they have incredibly awesome banners, but their post photos color-coordinate with their banners!  How do they do this? Planning ahead, I guess, or editing every single photo. Wow.

Well folks, I am due to have a baby boy today, but there are still no signs of his arrival.

Hope you are enjoying all the book recommendations lately.  I have just enough energy to walk over to my bookshelf, pick an art book I love, and share it with you. 

I’ve got another one coming up, but if you don’t see it the next day or two,  you’ll know why. 

Happy Saturday!

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