Black and White Easter Basket

This is an exciting week over at Jenny Doh’s Crescendo. My friend Kay Ellen is the guest curator and will be featuring two creative blogs each day. My blog will be featured Wednesday!  I’m thrilled and grateful to Kay for including me this week.

Be sure and pay a visit to both of these artistic women this week and get a breath of creative fresh air.

This basket is for a special lady who comes to my home every Tuesday. She watches Knox and J. for me while I take S. to piano lessons.  She helps me in many other ways, too, all the time.  I don’t tell her enough how much I appreciate her and how much she blesses me and our family. She is my children’s only Grandmother and my wonderful mother-in-law. I love you, Kathy!

She loves beautiful, unique things, so I came up with this idea to make her a special black and white Easter basket with rhinestone eggs.

The eggs are wooden and painted with gesso.

I purchased the pretty acrylic rhinestones at Michael’s.

The cute polka-dot tape is from KC Company’s Smash journal line.

The eggs looked pretty cool by themselves, but I thought it needed just one more thing…

A black and white rabbit!

Have a fantastic week, and thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. With tears steaming down my face, I want to say thank you for such a sweet tribute. I am so touched by this sweet gift and words. Sometimes grami’s have hard weeks too so I appreciate this gesture of love . My children and grandchildren bring me the greatest joy and I thank you for letting me be a part of yours. I love you Scarlett, and you know I love anything that is black. That’s what J. and I have in common. Ha The basket is so beautiful but your projects are always even more special when you actually see them.

  2. She sounds like one happy lady and I don’t blame her. You have such a creative mind and a giving heart. Your basket and eggs are gorgeous!

    • Linda Moore

      Scarlett, I am often blown away by your creativity. These eggs and whole display with the basket, bunny and tag are absolutely stunning. So different than the usual pastel color palette. And you always complete all the little details that pull the whole project together. Thanks for the amazing inspiration!

  3. Beautiful eggs! Lucky grandma. 🙂 I’m glad they’re linking to your blog, it is something worth visiting.

  4. Lucky Lady that grammie! 😀
    It is gorgeous; I’m so excited to see you featured…how fun~
    I look forward to it..
    I love the effects of black n’ white…stunning!


  5. Kathy sounds like a wonderful grandmother. This project is beautiful. I’m so glad she likes it. Congrats on the feature over at Cresendoh

  6. What a beautiful basket ! I know Kathy will treasure it. I’m so thankful that you have her and she has such special time with your sweet kids. What a blessing for all of you !

  7. Im sitting here in utter amazement at your creativity. Really? Because my blog is the last place you would look for craft ideas or inspiration, I marvel at talented people like yourself who really blow me away. My Easter centerpiece may consist of some half eaten Carvel eggs, a little fake grass and some Costco tulips.

  8. I can’t even express how much I love this! K, first the bunny: HOW cute is that!? I love the distressed, yet elegant look of the bunny and the eggs are so elegant. What a wonderful idea to include that smash tape, and your ribbon and Easter tag are beautiful. As usual, I am awe struck! xoxo

  9. Hi Scarlett .. so pleased Kathy is there for you and her grandchildren – it obviously makes a huge difference all round …

    I love the basket – and the fact you’ve included black – Kathy’s favourite colour – just rings the changes doesn’t it .. so clever and creative.

    Enjoy the feature over at Cresendo .. and the links back here – you certainly deserve to be recognised for all you do … just lovely!

    Have a great week … big hugs – cheers Hilary

  10. Absolutely beautiful!
    Love you both Scarlett and Kathy!!!

  11. Woooow this is fantastic. So gorgeous, beautiful creations. Love the black and white eggs. Fabulous the glitter.
    Warm greet

  12. I am breathless and awestruck just having a look.

  13. How beautiful is this!!! I love it. Black & bling together on eggs…I don’t think it gets much better than that. 🙂 I must get some washi tape! I am so excited that your blog is being spotlighted at Crescendoh. Looking forward to it. xoxo

  14. You constantly blow all of us lucky enough to know about your site away you are soooo creative and have the most beautiful soul . I to would like to thank kathy for all she does for you and your wonderful family! Happy Happy Happy to see you being published and featured we should share your most bountiful talent with the rest of the world
    love to you all
    Aunt Holly

  15. This so pretty Scarlett!
    Thank you so much for sharing your lovely blog this week…I am going to add this basket photo to the feature!


  16. so pretty so pretty!!!

  17. How beautiful…makes my coloured eggs look a little sad. I must spruce mine up this year.
    Hugs to you my friend.

  18. Oh my, you’re so creative! I’m sure your mother in law is going to be thrilled with your gift of love and gratitude 🙂

  19. Such a beautiful gift ~ so happy Kay shared your blog over at her place 🙂

  20. Wow! Thank you for breaking the boundaries and letting us know its perfectly perfect to have something besides the traditional Easter colors, you changed my thought pattern thank you! its just beautiful, Love and hugs! Michelle

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