1. Really nice Scarlett. Wonderful saying. Love the butterflies.

  2. This is so amazing! I’m sharing with Faith, who’s out at her crafty, DIY Grandmother’s house. It is sure to inspire something awesome for Christmas!

  3. Beautiful!! I want lessons! 🙂

  4. Awesome piece! Love how you take pictures of all the steps. Super and very inspiring. Thanks!

  5. Wow you make everything brighter and more beautiful!! Very nice!!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. oooh, I love the touches here, so much sentiment and romance! Just stunning…I hope you use this to capture and catch wings of inspiration!
    So bluetiful….
    Thank you Scarlett for sharing 😀

  7. Loving your altered book and thank you for the demo. Happy PPF, Annette x

  8. OF course! Deep sigh . . . and admiration! Love love love!!!!! xoxo

  9. Love it but love it even more because of the butterflies!

  10. What a beautiful and creative piece!

  11. Wonderfull, I like. Saludos

  12. Very very beautiful! Your creativity speaks abundantly of the person that you are!

  13. that is just a gorgeous result… I love the textures and how all the different methods you used came together so beautifully…xx

  14. Wow…so involved and so beautiful.

  15. Butterflies and blue colors…both are my absolute favorites. I believe your soul creates such amazing art pieces. Blissful my dear…

  16. This is awesome!! I love the colors and the butterfly. Lets just say I love everything about it! Thanks for the progression shots! Love. Love. Love!

  17. Hi Scarlett!
    This is GOR-geous! You had me with the first pictures of just the butterfly stamps. 🙂 Then the clay…and the blue…and the book…and a little bling = perfection. I just love to see what you come up with. Have a beautiful week!

  18. OH that is just fantastic! I enjoyed the music as well – it made me stay and stay!:-)

  19. wow! What a gorgeous creation, when I got to the last photo I had to go back and look again, I really love your work. xo

  20. Absolutely wonderful! Love it!! I have been thinking of altering books for SO long now, but never get around to it. With this you really are inspiring me to get going – but some other projects are waiting first, so it just have to wait! 🙂 (PS: I got my new Derwent-color pencils yesterday! Exciting! :))

  21. Magnifique travail!!!

  22. Wow, so cool…the techniques and colors…everything!

  23. oh Scarlett, this is gorgeous! really really really and truly.

  24. Susan Maguire

    My dear Scarlett. You are truly blessed for you mind to spill forth all these precious blending of materials. Here’s just a thought: a “printed version” would be helpful. Because when we print your instructions, all of the comments are printed also. Just a thought. Thank you for your creations.

    • @Susan –Thank you so much, I appreciate your kind words so much and I think your idea is a great one! I’ll definitely keep that in mind for my next tutorial, thanks for the suggestion! Hope you’re having a great week and thanks again for stopping by. 🙂

  25. I love seeing your creative process! Thanks for the inspiring images! The altered book is lovely and truly unique! ~Vanessa

  26. What a gorgeous work of art!!! The butterflies are beautiful. I like how you added the dried flower. The title, Life Becomes Brighter is perfect! Absolutely love this piece!!!! ~Sophia

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