Blue Owl Postcards

I made these postcards using the owl stamp I carved and my Derwent Inktense blocks.

We didn’t have much of a winter here in central Texas, so the only snow I’ll see  is the sn0w in my art.

I stamped the owls in blue, then added more color with the blocks, and then finally added some more details with my .03 black pen.

A phrase crafted from book text…

Using a water pen to blend the Inktense colors in the background…

Red cheeks and red berries added with the Inktense blocks…

Lots of sparkly glitter in the forest…


I used some white ‘Fun Flock”  to add snow to the branch…

Thanks for visiting my blog and looking at my art projects!

Have a great week~


Music: “Angel Eyes” by Tommy Flanagan


  1. holly osborn

    I have never seen you do anything that did not just amaze me I know it is just the way you think, but for most of us we simply do not see what your beautiful heart see’s .it is a blessing , one i’am happy you were blessed with, from your wonderful mother, she also had your remarkable gift!!
    nurture it and care for it as it can take you very far I Love You My Darling Niece Aunt Holly


  2. If I didn’t already like owls, I would certainly love these!

  3. trisha gee

    Very nice! I love all of the dimensional work.

  4. OH This is just stunning! Love the blue owl in the woods with the trees and sparkly snow coming down! So dreamy and delightful!

  5. I really like your owl and the jazz too! ~Sue

  6. That owl stamp looks fabulous and I love what you did with it. 🙂 Gotta love sparkle!

  7. Floy Height

    You are always so clever, love the carving of your Owl–isn’t there a job as a card designer for big bucks waiting for you?

  8. You carved that stamp?! That’s SO fabulous! Gave me an idea – what if you carved a couple of amazing, one-of-a-kind stamps like this and put them in your shop?? I know I would love something so cool like that and each one would be so special and original. Just a thought :)))
    AND I love what you did with it – and those red cheeks are the best!! Love how you choose not to blend it in and leave the color so bold.
    AND thank you for your comment. Okay, you made the decision for me – I could not decide wether to sell or send in – I will now with your nudge 🙂
    Thank youuuuuu, xoxoxo

  9. Scarlett…..
    OMG! I love these owl postcards you created! They are beautiful…..and you did a gorgeous job on them. The stamp you carved is wonderful……excellent work! Thanks for sharing with us! Cheri

  10. Your hand carved owl stamp is wonderful and the cards you have created are beautiful. I think your art comes directly from your heart as it truly is soulful. Happy Hearts are Creative Hearts…

  11. Hi Scarlett .. just brilliant and the owl stamp is amazing … such fun and obviously gives you huge pleasure and release. I love the owl’s warm cheeks in the sparkly snow in the forest ..

    Very clever – clever – Hilary

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