1. Beautiful canvas, Scarlett! I love the beautiful blues and the gorgeous quilled snowflakes, you did amazing!

  2. Beautiful Scarlett! I love the shades of blue and the snowflakes are stunning. You can feel the wintery wonderland through this piece. I’ve never quilled before but I love your results. The added paint makes them pop!

  3. Melanie Keel

    That is gorgeous Scarlett!! I still have a framed piece of art from your mom with quilling on it, with Julies birthdate, weight and height on it. I cherish it, she would be so proud of everything you do… Love you, Aunt Mel. Kisses!!

  4. Oh, so pretty! I love snowflakes and there is such a peaceful calmness when you see the first snowfall~ Lovely!
    Did you submit to the holiday issue? ;D You should…

  5. holly osborn

    just lovely delicate and simply beautiful love you aunt holly

  6. Beautiful! I love the dimension of those snowflakes! Such lovely little details in this piece. Always inspiring! 🙂

  7. Hi Scarlett .. I thought the first picture with the arms were whales on the seashore .. it was only when I got to the end I realised how the picture panned out to be a blue winter painting .. ??!!

    Lovely – so inventive .. and the scroll work is very clever .. cheers Hilary

  8. This is lovely. You certainly have a lot of patience to quill those beautiful snowflakes. I tried quilling but set it aside. It looks deceivingly easy but it is very fiddley. Happy Hearts are Creative Hearts…

  9. Ruth Wagner

    You are so creative sweetie! Your mom would be so proud of your talents. And she would be telling you what your should have done. I enjoy being able to see all the beautiful creations that come from you. love ya

  10. What a beautiful way to make snowflakes out of paper! Very unique 🙂

  11. OMG, I love that!!! I didn’t think people still did quilling. How refreshing, no pun intended. And to think you’re right here in Austin, cool!!

    I very much enjoyed the bandit girl with ladybugs too. Very original, fun and whimsical.

    Found your site via your music.

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