Butterfly Drawing with Hydrangea Petals

This is ‘purple’ week over at the Summer of Color challenge.

My inspiration was The Purple Hairstreak Butterfly.

I haven’t drawn anything in a while so I put my stamps, collage sheets, and stickers away for this one. 

I used my Derwent pencils–using ‘Imperial Purple’ for the dark shading on the branches, instead of brown like I would normally do.

And now for a little departure from nature…

Using some purple colored chalk, I lightly shaded in some color in the center of some pressed hydrangea petals.  Over the years the pressed flowers get prettier and prettier.  They look like old yellowed paper.

I carefully separated some petals and added them on the wings,and then put some in the tree.

A common question I’m asked these days is, “Do you need anything?”   I’m never sure how to answer this questions because there are many things I need, but they’re not things other people can give me. 

The message here is the only answer I can come up with.

Check out more purple art at Summer of Color.


  1. Beautiful and poignant. I am always thinking about you all. ffh8

    • bscarlettc

      @Floy—Thanks so much, Floy. It means a lot to me that you come by here 🙂 Love you,Scarlett

      @NatashaMay –Thank you! I’m glad you liked it! I’ll be over to see your piece ASAP! Thanks for commenting. 🙂

      @Elisabeth R.–You are so sweet, I’m glad you liked it. Appreciate your comment so much!

  2. Awesome butterfly and beautiful page. You did a great job! 🙂

  3. Wow! This is amazing! I LOVE everything about it! :-))

  4. Hi Scarlett .. so talented with your imagination .. let alone your drawing and creativity .. beautiful .. love this – hope you had a great weekend and have a good week – and a big hug is coming your way – your words say it all .. Hilary

  5. BEEutiful~ I love this, so creative of you adding the chalk accents. The sepia tone really makes the purple pop! I love butterflies; your drawing is so stunning! Well Done~ You should link up; I didn’t see your name. I just linked my art~ xXx

    • bscarlettc

      @Ella –I wasn’t sure this was really going to fit with the color for this week, purple is not a color I work with much. Thanks as always for being such and encouragment! Yep, I’m linked up , #30 I think! I’ll be over to your place soon! ~Scarlett

      @Lisa–Hi there! Thanks for stopping by and thanks for your sweet comment–I need peace in my life right now..I’m glad that emotion came across to you, too. Come again! ~Scarlett

  6. This is so beautiful and dreamy – I really love it. It feels so peaceful.

  7. mandy at eight is enough

    This is beautiful..its so creative how you have used the dried petals on your page and how they look like a part if the butterfly…your pencil drawing is wonderful…are they just normal pencils?xxx

    • bscarlettc

      @mandy –I found those petals in my closet recently. I had forgotten all about them..it is so cool when something old works with something new! I’m so glad you liked the petals! 🙂 Thanks for stopping in! ~Scarlett

      @laurie –Thanks so much, Laurie, it kind of happened by accident, cleaning out my closet! Thanks for your kind comment, have a great week! ~Scarlett

    • bscarlettc

      @mandy –Derwent pencils are a softer lead colored pencil..the color goes on smoother than most others so I like them a lot! Thanks so much!!!

  8. I love it! I love the embellished petals added to the wings,, amazing!

  9. I somehow missed you on the list; then I saw you…oops, may need to get new glasses : ( I am so glad you joined in; I had a hard time with this color, too~ I love butterflies; orange is next~xXx

    • bscarlettc

      @Ella –well, if purple was a little challenging, orange is just plain HARD. My orange pencils are always sharp! And my orange ink pad…never used and probably dried up! It’ll be interesting. 🙂

  10. This is such a lovely drawing. You should draw more 🙂 Including the hydrangea petals is such a lovely idea. Adds depth.

    • bscarlettc

      @Lesley–I really appreciate that, I love to draw but I’ve never been able to take any art classes…so I just practice and try to get better on my own. Hope you’re having a good morning! ~Scarlett

  11. Such a beautiful, beautiful page! I love how you added the petals.

  12. You are really an inspiration. I LOVE your posts, your pictures are amazing and just adore how you share your heart and art with us – it is so kind of you to do so. AND of course your work is always so elegant and gorgeous. Thank you! xo

  13. Oh my!!! I love this, your style is awesome. I’ll be back for more. xo

  14. I love everything about this!! beautiful work!

    • bscarlettc

      @Joanna –many thanks! I appreciate it! I’ll be over to visit soon! ~Scarlett

      @Paulina–I’m so glad you liked it! Please come again any time! 🙂 ~Scarlett

      @kristin –You are so so encouraging! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you taking the time to stop by–I can only imagine how busy you are trying to go around and see everyone’s work!! I really appreciate it!!~Scarlett

  15. oh, I am absolutely amazed by this piece. I love the drawing, and then adding in papers and words… it is all just so beautiful. I am so sincere when I say that this piece is lovely and amazing.

    • bscarlettc

      @Daniele –I appreciate your kind words so much! Thank you! 🙂

      @Ella –I love these colors, too! I have so much paper in these shades that I need to use up (so I can get some new paper of course! lol) Thanks 🙂

  16. Gorgeous artwork, and the petals are a fabby addition 🙂

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