Mixed-Media Christmas Cards Using Photos of Children

These are two of my favorite Christmas cards that I’ve made for Christmases past.  It was one of those rare times where I was able to create the exact thing (well, pretty close) that I saw in my head. For this first one I used one of my art “models” from a bridal magazine for Mary and then used a color copy of my baby boy to be baby Jesus in her arms.  I enlarged an old page of Bible text from Luke 2 for the background.  I used some sequins to dress up her wings and a “Love” sequin for her to hold across him, and a gold star for his head.

A few of the sequins have fallen off, but I still love to look at it.  I only made a handful for my artsy friends who I knew would appreciate them, and of course, I kept one for baby’s album.

Another of my favorite hand-made cards was also made using color copies of my little boy, along with his sisters.  This card was inspired by Giotto’s frescoes–you’ve probably seen the ones, where the little angels flying through space are just heads with wings?

Little baby Jesus is all wrapped up and snug in his swaddling clothes, and the angels are joyfully adoring him.

As for this year’s card, I’m drawing a blank so far.  Either I have an epiphany of what I want to create, or I don’t make anything at all, which is what happened last year.  Hopefully, inspiration will hit soon!

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  1. I still have that second card…it’s so beautiful :).

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