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Mixed-Media Face Challenge

Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine has issued a “Faces of Mixed Media” challenge in their Sept./Oct. issue. This challenge is perfect for trying something new!  I’ve given it a shot, purposefully aiming for a different look than all my usual stuff.  The rules?  Only pens, pencils, or markers can be used […]


Kite Story

Can you tell it started to pour down rain in this last one?   I look back over this post and realize I’ve drawn images, once again,  that mirror events in my own life.  I’ll never cease to be amazed at the way art works. Thanks for stopping by to […]

Autumn Art, Drawings

Candy Corn Queen 2012

It’s become an annual tradition. It started in 2009, the year I started my blog. I shared how much I love candy corn and I came up with several projects using the candy.  Again, in 2010, I came up with several different projects using candy corn,  one of which was […]