“Road Trippin'” at the Georgetown Art Center

Georgetown square 1

I wasn’t allowed any captures of the newest exhibit at the Georgetown Art Center, but I’m going to tell you about it, anyway.

The new exhibit is called “Road Trippin‘” and is enjoyable to view and family friendly.  My young artists and I enjoyed all of the travel themed art, including altered suitcases that resemble RV’s, large paintings of local landscapes, mixed-media collage, and several unique and edgy edited photographs of highways and byways.

This colorfully collaged lady resting upon the bench was found casually installed on the east side of the downtown square. No information about her was to be seen, but my kids thought she was….interesting.

I also happened to pick up a new art book they were selling in the Center, featuring the imaginative assemblage work of artist, Scott Rolfe.



The book features Rolfe’s original assemblages illustrating  twelve of Aesop’s Fables.  This book is not only delightful to look through, but my 8 year old son was immediately inspired to begin collecting rusty hinges, doorknobs, metal parts, and all manner of discarded objects, to begin his own assemblage in the garage!  And to my surprise, I opened up to the back cover to find that my very own Uncle Duane, of O Studio Photography, was the art photographer for the issue.  Small world!

Be sure and check out the new exhibit if you have the chance and remember their annual Art Hop competition deadline is fast approaching, August 31st.

Have a great week!

A Giraffe and Some Elephants

Have you seen this tiny giraffe baby teether from France?

She is quite famous across the pond.  Baby K. got his very own little “Sophie la girafe” yesterday–ooh-lala.

We enjoyed watching the video of how Sophie is made, and watching K. try to eat her hooves off.

Speaking of giraffes, I have some other wild animals I want to show you.

I got my “Decorated Elephant” ATCs in the mail! Check’em out!

This first one is covered with thin felt and sewn–wow! The artist titled it “Harold”.

This marker colored beauty is from Illinois.  So pretty!

It’s sort of what I had first envisioned mine to look like before I decided to draw my decorated elephants and put chandeliers on their heads.

This one has so much detail and a really cool African look. It came from an artist in Pennsylvania.

Have a great Wednesday~

Pencil Drawing after Fragonard

Here’s my drawing practice project I’ve been working on these last two weeks.

I use this book a lot when I’m looking for something to draw.  It’s a thorough art history with lots of interesting information about the art and artists.  It does contain all of the classic and contemporary nudes you would expect, however,  so if you prefer art books without those types of “masterpieces” included, you’ll want to pass this book up.

This painting is called “A Young Girl Reading” by Jean-Honore Fragonard, c. 1776. 

Reading is one of our family’s favorite things so any picture involving books appeals to me.

The hardest parts to draw were the hand holding the book and the folds of fabric on the arm. After many tries, the hand finally looked decent, but the folds on her “charming sleeve”, as Beckett describes it,  are all wrong. I’ll try and work on it some more this weekend.

I hope you find some time to sit down, relax, and enjoy a good book this weekend!  :)

Our Favorite Snowflake Book

This is another book we have on display during the winter season–The Snowflake, Winter’s Secret Beauty, text by Kenneth Libbrecht, photography by Patricia Rasmussen.  It’s an incredibly comprehensive book on snowflakes and the pictures are spectacular! Like most of my art books, I primarily bought this for the images, but it certainly qualifies as a reference book as well.  It’s got everything you could possibly want to know about how they’re formed, how they’re photographed, how they’re classified,  etc. 

I love these pages that are full of snowflake photographs! Each one is so unique! Every year we look through this book and marvel at these tiny miracles of creation.

“The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.” (Psalm 19:1)

Millais: Portraits

Millais 2

I think it’s high time I beefed up my “Art Book” category on this blog. I’ve had one solitary book in this category for the past 8 months!

I’m going to divide  my collection into two categories: art books for children and art books for display and reference.   

The first book I would like to share with you is one for display.  I love to have beautiful art to look at in my home.   The easiest and most inexpensive way I’ve found to do this is to buy used art books and set them up on various book stands around the house.  This makes it easy to change out the art displayed around the house to correspond with special occasions, a specific artist, or a style of art that we are currently studying.  An even more economically feasible way to display art in your home is to buy art calendars right after New Year’s. They are usually 50% off or more and you can display different pages throughout the year without using the calendar pages at all.  I have a stash of art calendars that I keep for just that purpose.

Now for the book I want to recommend.  Every fall I display Millais: Portraits by Funnell, Warner, Flint, Matthew, and Ormond, in our entryway.  John Everett Millais was a renowned Victorian portrait painter of the mid to late 1800’s.  I found this book used and in excellent condition. The painting I have displayed is titled “Autumn Leaves”, painted in 1855-1856, and I display it every fall.

Millais 1

This book is a rare gem in that it is completely clean in terms of images.  It has many full-page prints of his paintings in deep, vivid colors.  I should probably mention that, though I scan the pages carefully before I recommend a book, I rarely read through the lengthy, plodding  text of most art books.  Occasionally,  I will peruse the pages looking for information on a certain painting, but that’s it.  I buy them for the pictures, not the “expert” critique that’s included.   

Millais 3

 Millais  4                                                                                                                                                                      

Here are some more of John Everett Millais’ paintings that are included in this book.  I absolutely LOVE his work!  If you ever come across this book, or another book of Millais’ works, I highly recommend it.  He was an exquisite portrait artist and his paintings are lovely.

Millais 6

Millais  7

Millais  8

Millais  9

Millais 9

Millais  10

Millais 10

Millais  11

Millais 13