Art cards

Handmade cards using rubber stamps, decorative papers, fibers, charms, and anything else that looks cool.

Art cards

Hole-Punch Polka-Dot Card

   It doesn’t get much easier than this! I started with a pre-cut black scallop-edge postcard.  I emptied my hole-punch out onto the table. I glued the tiny little dots all over the card and then stamped “thanks”, matted it, and glued it on. Quick and easy! 

Art cards, Mixed-Media Art

“Air Travel” Card

 Woe is me, for there is no vacation in sight for us and the summer is almost gone! The cost of travel precludes our departure to any exotic destination at this time.  Plus, all the places I truly want to go require a trans-atlantic flight, which is unfortunate for someone who doesn’t […]