Art With Children

Making art with my children is one of the greatest joys of my life. I’m so grateful to be able to share my love of the arts with them every day! Homeschooling gives me the freedom to pass on my love for art to my children and the time to learn new things along with them.

Art With Children, Photography

Figure On A Trunk

The Bass Concert Hall in Austin, TX currently has a collection of 30 sculptures on loan from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  They are scattered around the grounds and inside the newly renovated lobby.  The sculpture directly in front of the main entrance quickly grabs your attention.  For fun we tried to […]

Art With Children

What’s Your Favorite Color?

   There were several things I did not appreciate in the public school system.  One of these things was the perpetual crayon shortage at my elementary school. Have you ever read The Art Lesson by Tommie DePaola?  My experiences were worse! I distinctly remember trying to color with building blocks when there were no crayons.  That’s […]

Art With Children

The Bird Journal

My All Time Favorite Elementary School Project Making a bird journal with my oldest daughter in her elementary years was, without a doubt, my favorite and most memorable project.  Her journal, which she filled to the very last page with drawings, writings, and pictures, is the most treasured keepsake I have […]