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In April 2011, our baby boy was diagnosed with a rare genetic disease called Cockayne Syndrome.

Happy Birthday Knox ~ 4 Gifts Given and Received

Happy Birthday to my little son in Paradise.  Knox would be 4 years old today. I think the hardest part is not being able to say “I love you”; not being able to hold him. He’s been gone 5 and … Continue reading


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The Dead Dove

When people see this image they respond in different ways. Some have said it’s a photograph full of sadness, that it’s hard to look at.  Some say it’s foreboding, an ill omen of days to come.  Other are more pragmatic: … Continue reading


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“3 Seconds”

Knox was here with us for over 3 years, but sometimes it feels more like 3 seconds.  The time was so short.         Acrylic on Canvas, 24″ X 12″.


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3 Months Without Knox

Knox has been gone for 3 months now and there’s one thing I want to do. I want to tell YOU about him. And YOU. and YOU. And everyone else. I want to tell you about my sweet little boy … Continue reading


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Healing Wind

The inspiration for this painting came from the lines from Richard Aldington’s poem: “O Death, Thou art an healing wind That blowest over white flowers…”   Once again, my friend found a large canvas in a dumpster. This is how … Continue reading


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