Baby Knox

In April 2011, our baby boy was diagnosed with a rare genetic disease called Cockayne Syndrome.

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Genetic Mutations

Genetic Mutations. Ugly sounding words, but they are very much on my mind these days as we await our son’t DNA test results. What are they? I’ve been reading a lot about genetics lately, as you can imagine. I don’t understand everything, but I’ve learned this much: A hereditary mutation, which seems […]

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Winter Dandelion

Two days ago we were wearing shorts and blowing the feathery seeds off of dandelions in the yard. Today, it’s 17 degrees and we’re walking around the house bundled up in robes and fuzzy pajamas. That’s a Texas winter for ya’. It’s been a happy week for us around here.  […]

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Pink Tulips

There’s something about the way sunlight kisses the petal of a flower… I stoop down low. I stand on a chair.   I dance around the table and take 10o pictures.  I thank God that I can see flowers, and pray that baby K will be able to see them someday. I looked down and […]

Baby Knox

Baby K.-4 Months

  It’s hard to believe baby K is 4 months old. You know what’s even harder? Getting a decent photo of him! Weighing in at a little less than 11 pounds, he’s still a small fry, and difficult to keep happy for long.   We think we catch a glimpse of a […]

Baby Knox

Desert Place

I’ve been here before. It’s a desert place. A valley of shadow. A long night… I pace back and forth with baby.  I haven’t had a full night’s sleep in over 3 months. I hear voices “You’re not a good mother.  What’s wrong with you? Why can’t you get this […]

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Baby’s Eyes

Baby’s pretty cute these days. Getting  little rolls on the arms… And getting really chunky here… Couple of  dimples here… And sweet plumpness here… But baby’s eyes…. Baby’s eyes don’t meet mine anymore. They’ve gone cloudy. The first two surgeries didn’t work. So he’s having two more surgeries very soon. I’m […]