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I’m learning how to draw as an adult and I’m going to share my ongoing efforts with the world!

Published in Cloth, Paper, Scissors March 2014

  I enjoyed creating this portrait of my kindergartener.  The new issue of CPS featured it in their Reader Challenge section. To see the process and the materials used, please see the original post. If you’d like to see more … Continue reading


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Ant Shows Off

We’ve had our first bit of cold air in central Texas.  And you know what that means! The holidays are here! Hope you’re having a wonderful week, thanks for coming by!  


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Frog Sees Faces


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Candy Corn Drawings

I think candy corn is heavenly. Every year I sketch a few drawings to honor its sugary sweetness. Hope you have a fabulous day of costumes and candy!  Thanks for stopping by!      


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Candy Corn Queen 2013

This is the 4th Annual Candy Corn Queen!  This year, she’s a pirate queen of the high seas, vastly contented on an island with her chest full of golden candy. And once I got the hat right, it was smooth … Continue reading


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