Tiny Boat Tags With Walnut Shells


To make these tiny little boat tags you’ll need:

Halved walnut shells

Acrylic paints and brush

Cotton cloth/Fabric Scissors


Air-dry clay for the tops of the masts.

Blank tags, red and blue cardstock

Red ribbon

Hot glue gun

You can make these simply, leaving the shells natural and attaching the cloth sails.  Or you can go “overboard” like I did and paint them up and decorate the sails to match!  These tiny boats would make adorable tags for baby boy gifts and sweet Valentine’s tags for everyone!  Attach them to red boxes of chocolates, blue bags of truffles, or a giant silver chocolate kiss.

And be sure to tell them, “You Float My Boat Valentine!”  :)

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!


DSCF4629 DSCF4668 DSCF4660 DSCF4663 DSCF4684 DSCF4689 DSCF4641 DSCF4617 DSCF4696 DSCF4712

DSCF4650 DSCF4674 DSCF4720 DSCF4728 DSCF4733 DSCF4761 DSCF4748 DSCF4744 DSCF4756
walnut boats 1

Miniature Monet Magnets

mini monets 1

In my last post, I showed you how I created these tiny 2 inch paintings, inspired by Monet.

Here’s what I did with them next!

I put out paper towels on my table and covered them with a large sheet of wax paper.

Then I got some incredible stuff called Art Resin

After mixing equal amounts of the two-part kit together in a plastic cup, I stirred thoroughly for a couple of minutes with a wooden skewer.

Then I poured the resin directly onto the canvases.  Each canvas took about 1 tablespoon of resin.

I smoothed the resin gently over the canvas with the side of the skewer, taking it over the edges. DSCF2940Using the pointed end of the skewer, I popped a few tiny air bubbles in the resin…

And I let them dry overnight. They are super smooth with a thick, glossy finish.


I recycled an old magnetic calendar by cutting it up and gluing squares to the backs of the canvases.DSCF2945DSCF2973

Monet Magnets!


Can’t wait to try more projects with ArtResin!  Check out their web site and see all the amazing things you can do with this awesome stuff!

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mini monet magnet 1

Miniature Monet Paintings


These tiny 2 inch square canvases are perfect for painting miniature Monet waterlilies.

First, I painted them with clear gesso and pulled out some Monet books for inspiration…


My technique was simple:

1. Stipple background in soft colors with a stencil brush.  (made transparent by mixing acrylic with gel medium)

2. Fingerpaint water lilies in greens. (large lilies with the pad of my finger, smaller ones with tip)

3. Add outlines around lily pads and paint lilies with small brush. ( having some Monet books to look at helps)

That’s it! As you experiment with colors and sizes of flowers, each one turns out different.

Here are five miniature paintings I made using these 3 steps…

Sometimes I mix colors with my fingers.  It’s messier but faster!

The perfect shade!DSCF2775 DSCF2780 DSCF2796 DSCF2806 DSCF2812

The large stippling brush keeps the background from looking too solid and allows you to create lines in the paint, to show movement of the water…

Finger-painting the lily pads…


Adding details with the tiny spotter brush….DSCF2827 DSCF2832 DSCF2833

This was the picture I used as a reference.

Once you start, it’s hard to stop because each one is so pretty.DSCF2846 DSCF2849 DSCF2852 DSCF2903 DSCF2861 DSCF2895

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I’m also asking for suggestions on what I should do with these tiny paintings.  Make them into necklaces? Pins?  Let me know what you think!

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mini monets 1

Easy Self-Portraits for Kids



Didn’t these turn out awesome!?  It’s an easy and rewarding self-portrait project for students!

Graphite paper is the key to allowing younger students to obtain a good likeness of themselves. I found some good graphite paper at Hobby Lobby, next to the pencils in the art supply section.

My  young artists ranged from 2nd – 4th grade and we did this as an end-of-the-year project on our last day of school.


1. You will need photos of each student printed out on 8.5 x 11 paper. I took pics on my phone the week before and got them printed at Office Max. They don’t need to be in color.

2. Teach the students to use graphite paper to transfer their likeness onto white cardstock.

*Eyes, irises and pupils, eyebrows, bottom line of nose, lips, face outline and outline of hair and clothing.

Make a Graphite Sandwich:

*White cardstock on the bottom

*Graphite paper on top (shiny side down)

*Their photo on the top

*Use masking tape to tape your graphite “sandwich” to the table so the photo doesn’t shift when they trace their features. We used pencils to trace features.

3.Go over traced lines with black Sharpie.

4. Divide hair into sections. Odd numbers look best.

5. Add lines, curved and moving along the lines of the head and face. They can be creative and add any patterns they like.

6. Color with markers.

*It’s best not to trace the teeth. It looks weird.

Here are process photos for the sample I made for them to look at. I also made a second one using different colors.  There are so many fun ways to color and add patterns to your pop-art self portrait! Have fun!


DSCF2461 DSCF2463

Instruct students NOT to trace the teeth. I left them out on the second sample and I like it much better!DSCF2466
DSCF2470 DSCF2480

pop art 3

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Needle Case Valentines


Needle cases are the perfect containers for small notes. Slip them in a purse or pocket, and surprise your Valentine with a tiny expression of love.

Available in craft stores and online, you can find needle cases in several styles and sizes. I ordered mine from Rita at Sova Enterprises.

I played with inks to see what they would do to the raw wood cases. The first one below was left raw, then I used a light brown, pastel pink, and red ink.


To keep this project quick and simple, I used decorative tapes and bits of trim for embellishment.










A tiny sentiment can be rolled up and pushed into the case. Be sure and leave a small bit of the note extended above the top of the case, so the recipient can remove it.




needle cases 6