“Kill The Disease”-Using a Gun in Art

CS Bullets 1

Photograph: Standard range target, Permanent marker,  Glock 43,  9 mm pistol.

To learn more about Cockayne Syndrome and how you can help, please visit Share and Care Network (US) or Amy and Friends (UK) for more information.


I’ve been thinking about art and media.  With all the talk of gun control in the news lately, it’s hard to avoid the question: To what extent are artists influenced by political agendas?

I know my choice to use a gun in this piece may set people off, but that’s a risk I’m willing to take.  February 1st will mark 2 years since my little boy was killed by mutated genes.

Many artists have used controversial imagery in the name of social justice or progressive ideals. But that’s not what I’m doing.

The target is the canvas. Bullets are the medium.  Shooting is the process.

No liberal agenda here. No conservative agenda, either.

It’s an accurate reflection of my feelings about Cockayne Syndrome and what it did to my son.

And what it’s doing to children all over the world that I love deeply.

There were no other materials that could’ve made this image as powerful. As accurate.

Honestly, it felt good to shoot up the name of this disease.

I drew my gun to draw my pain with bullets, to process the agonizing loss of my son.

What about political agendas in the arts?

I’m confident those truly devoted to freedom in the arts and progressive ideals will understand my process and embrace the way in which I choose to express myself.



Zombies at the Museum

dead music cap 2

dead music cap 3

Last Friday, the Blanton Museum had a party with some unusual visitors….

bscene 7

Everywhere you looked, there was something unexpected
bscene 2

The Dead Music Capital Band showed up with jazzy sounds that echoed through the galleries…

dead music cap 1

dead music 9

Very lively music for a band of dead folks!
dead music cap 6

And I couldn’t resist capturing this bloody beauty gazing at some of the red smeared art in the James Drake exhibit. I’m not really into horror and creepy stuff, but the contrast of the white and the red…well, I saw the shots in my head as soon as I saw her. Thankfully, she was a nice zombie and let me take her picture quickly before the show!

You can read more about Texas native, James Drake, and the exhibit on the Blanton web site.


dead music cap 8

dead music cap 7

dead music cap 11

dead music edit 10

5 Years of Art

Here’s my self-portrait for March, 2014.

I’ve been brave enough to share my art online for 5 years now.

I began this blog in March of 2009 and have shared over 620 posts.

Each and every comment is appreciated, and I feel fortunate to be

part of the online art community.

Art has been, and will continue to be, the best medicine.

As always, for more photos, drawings, and art related posts, check out my FB page.




Photos from Erddig House

These photos are in no particular order, they’re just my favorites.  If some are slightly out of focus, I bet you can guess who was trying to grab the camera from me. (He’s a very tiny boy with a surprisingly strong grasp!)

I was absolutely captivated by this place. It was covered in ruby red vines and waiting to transport all who roam its grounds into a past era…


I know, I got carried away with the vines, but they were so beautiful!


Like tiny little red hearts when you get up close…

I felt like I was on the set of ‘Emma’ as I walked into the garden…

I suppose one could easily lose track of time wandering about the garden…

If you’ve never walked on true cobblestones, I recommend sturdy shoes.  Flip-flops won’t do.

Tons of apples on the trees…

…and on the ground.

Even the patches of earth were charming…

The second language around here is Welsh.  I couldn’t make out  a single word.

I confess I felt completely overwhelmed by the authenticity of Erddig.  I’ve seen places like this in movies and read about them in books, but to be present in a garden or a room or a hallway as it really was in the past is truly unique.  I feel alarmed as I think,”Everything is so rare!  I’ll never see these things again!”

“But what if I’m seized in some frightful state and am too weak to ring the bell for servants?”  ~Mary Musgrove, Persuasion

What was it like to have your very own church in your home?

Or your very own library?

Toys were so much more attractive before plastics.

And  everywhere you look there’s gorgeous art on the walls; piece after piece, one begins to look like another.

Love the book-holder attached to the chair!

For me, there’s beauty is the craftmanship of every object.


Knox having a look about the orchard…

Knox breathed in the fresh air and surveyed the English countryside.

I believe he thoroughly enjoyed the tour as much as I did!

For more information on this historic jewel in North Wales, see the Erddig House web site.

Thanks for stopping by!

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