Photography is my newest hobby. I’m learning new things every day and love to share my latest pictures with my readers!


Lost Photos from Picnik

When you scan through hundreds of photos they all start to look pretty unremarkable, don’t they? I thought I had so many great shots to save from my Picnik folder, but when I started going through them, I only had a few that seemed worth saving..   My son painting […]

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A Heart in Pain

Several trips to the pediatrician’s office have sent me spiraling. So many bad memories in that office. To make matters worse, I also have guilt. In anger I’ve lashed out at some of the nurses. I’m sorry.”No! I said I’m not going to undress him.It’s cold in here and I […]


An Invitation to My New Blog!

The final switch-over is done! Unfortunately, I’ve been unable to carry over those of you who were following my blog through Hopefully, you’ve been re-directed here and I invite you to please sign up again if you would still like to follow my blog. It’s pretty cool having the […]